Did you hear? Bakugou's a girl - TsukiTsundere - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2023)

Chapter 1: Did you hear?

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- Five years old

Katsuki feels weird. His quirk just manifested recently but he's knows it's not that. It's not because of the stuff that leaks from his hands that make the pretty sparks. He feels weird on the inside and has for longer than he's had his quirk. He just didn't feel complete or comfortable but he didn't know exactly why.

Katsuki also likes to hang out and play with the girls at school. They're nice to him and they make him feel safe. The boys all make fun of each other and call each other names and he really doesn't like that. The girls in his class treat him like just like another girl and that makes him feel weird but it also makes him feel happy.

After school, Katsuki and Zuku play at aunty Inko's house. Katsuki Wonders if Izuku ever wants to be a girl like him. He wants to be a girl a lot of the time. He thinks about it a lot. "Hey Zuku?"

Zuku looks up and smiles at his friend, "Yes Kacchan."

Katsuki pauses, should he really ask his friend this. What if he doesn't understand? What if he makes fun of him? That's silly though, Zuku would never make fun of Katsuki. "Do you ever think about being a girl?"

Maybe his friend will understand. Maybe it's normal and Katsuki is freaking out for nothing. "No, that's kind of weird Kacchan. Do you think about being a girl?"

A little frown made it's way over his face. So he was weird then. He didn't think he was that weird for thinking these things, but if Zuku said so then he must be weird for thinking like this. "I..I don't either. I just heard someone say something at school today."

Maybe he would just keep this secret to himself for now.

- Seven years old

"Katsuki! What happened to you? Why is your backpack destroyed?" His mom is worried about him as he just stands and sniffles, and wipes at his eyes, as she checks over his cuts and bruises on his face.

Katsuki sniffles and wipes away his tears again and a little blood from his nose this time. "Some bigger kids were making fun of my new backpack. They tried to take it from me so I stopped them. They called me names and pushed me down. I did what you said to do and I kicked their butts for hurting me."

He sniffled again, he was upset about his new backpack being destroyed. It was pink and it made him happy, and it had a little cat charm that hung off one of the zippers. His mom had just gotten it for him yesterday. Those third graders had destroyed it and that's what he was upset about. He didn't care about the cuts, he was more upset about his backpack.

His mom ruffled his hair, "Good job defending yourself and kicking their little asses. That's my Katsuki. Now don't worry about your backpack, let's get you cleaned up and we'll go get your another one."

Katsuki looked up at his mom, "Can..can I have another pink one?"

She leaned down to kiss his forehead, "Sure kid."

Him and Izuku didn't see eye to eye too much anymore. Izuku didn't get a quirk so he began picking on Katsuki a lot more for his choices. Especially when it came to girly things.

They were walking through the shops with their moms at the local mall. Katsuki seen a store full of dresses and skirts. He excitedly pointed to the store. "Mom, can I go look? They're so pretty."

Mitsuki smirked and waved a dismissive hand at him, "Go ahead, just don't break anything."

Katsuki went into the shop and Izuku followed. "Izuku. Aren't the dresses pretty?" He soon found the section where the dresses looked to be about his size and he was exited. Maybe his mom would buy him one, or maybe she'd make one for him!

Izuku followed after, "This is all girl stuff Kacchan. Won't you get picked on for wearing something like that?"

Katsuki puffed out his chest, "I don't care what any extras say about me. I like it. You won't make fun of me will you Izuku?"

He went back to looking at the dresses, he never noticed Izuku never said anything.

Katsuki stopped when he can across a white and orange flowy dress. It was mainly white but it had oranges and tangerines all over it. His favorite color was orange, pink was second. It was so soft and it looked like it would twirl around him. He loved it.

Mitsuki and aunty Inko soon found them. Aunty Inko said the dress was pretty and that he would look pretty too. He beamed up at his aunty while his mom examined the dress. "This is the one you really like Katsuki?"

"Yeah! It's really pretty right? If I give you back the five dollars you gave me this morning, can we get it?"

Mitsuki smiled down at him, "Keep your money Katsuki. If you want the dress then I'll make you one. It'll last way longer than this cheap thing. Sound good?"

Katsuki was excited, his mom was actually going to make him one. "Thanks momma!"

Katsuki wore his dress to the park with a play date with Izuku a week later. It was white and had oranges and tangerines on it just like the one in the store, except it was even softer. "Izuku! Look at my new dress momma made for me. Isn't it pretty?" Katsuki twirled around and giggled.

Izuku clutched his All Might action figure, "Kacchan. Dresses are for girls."

Katsuki stopped in his tracks, "Well maybe I want to pretend to be a girl. You pretend to be All Might when we play, I can pretend to be a girl."

"It's not the same thing Kacchan!"

Katsuki cocked his hip to the side and put his hands on his hips, "How is it not the same thing?"

Izuku was looking at him like he was stupid. "I'm going to grow up and be like All Might, even if I don't have a quirk. You can never be a girl!"

Izuku then left and ran home, leaving Katsuki there alone. He rubbed at his eyes as he sniffled. Why did he have to feel this way? Why did he have to feel like he wanted to be a girl.

- Nine years old.

Katsuki ran up to his mom while she was making dinner. He was wearing a little red skirt with an All Might shirt. His closet had a section just for the clothes his mom made for him. "Momma? I thought of a new name again." This is not the first time he said this, but his mom always said they weren't pretty enough for him.

She stirred dinner as she look over at him, telling him to get some of the spices out of the cabinet. He nodded as he got them. "I really really like this one momma."

Katsuki handed his mom the spices for the curry. "Akane."

His mom smiled as she turned to look at him. "That means a deep red color."

Katsuki smiled as he nodded, "Yeah! Just like our eyes."

Mitsuki squatted down so she could look into his eyes. "My little Akane it is then."

A couple weeks later, Akane came running through the front door and ran straight up to his room, completely ignoring his mom calling out to him.

Mitsuki soon followed and she knocked before opening up. She seen him throwing off his school uniform and pulling on one of the oversized sweaters she had made for him. This one was a dark purple. Then she noticed he was trying not to cry. "Akane, what's wrong?"

He hugged himself in his sweater, "Nobody understands! Why don't other people feel like I feel? What's wrong with me?"

Mitsuki knelt down in front of him, "What are you feeling?"

He sniffled and wiped roughly at his eyes, "Why do I feel like a girl? Momma, why don't I feel like a boy like all the other boys?"

Mitsuki fully set on the ground and pulled him into her lap. Maybe it was time to finally have the talk she had been preparing for. "Akane, there is nothing wrong with you. Other people out there feel this way so you aren't alone. Now how long have you been having feelings like this?"

Akane sniffled again, "Before I got my quirk. I wanted to look like the pretty girls in my class. I just don't feel like a boy! I don't want to be a boy. I know people say it's bad but I want to be a girl. I feel like a girl."

Mitsuki had a feeling this was coming, the signs were there, but she would not let her kid feel alone. She wouldn't let them feel like a mistake. Not like all the awful stories she read up on. "Akane, would you like to talk to someone about this? Someone who knows more than I do."

"Like a doctor?"

Mitsuki nodded, "Yes, like a doctor. They'll be able to talk to you about your feelings, and also know this, I will always love you. No matter who you are."

Akane smiled for the first time that day, "I love you too momma."

- Ten years old

Akane went by she and her now at home. Momma called her, her little girl now. It felt good to hear her mom call her that. Her dad wasn't always nice about it, he still called her Katsuki and called her his son. She didn't like that, plus he wasn't very nice to her, but he wasn't home a lot so it was okay. She could handle it.

Midoriya also didn't seem to want to be her friend anymore. Not after they got into it all the time now, which she was sad because she didn't get to see aunty Inko much anymore.

Midoriya always said she wasn't a girl and today was no different. "You aren't a girl Kacchan! That's just dumb."

"I am a girl! Why do you keep saying I'm not? Please stop calling me Kacchan, my name is Akane." She was getting upset, he was supposed to be her friend, and she didn't have any other friends.

"You're name is Katsuki not Akane. You can't be a girl." After that is the first time she remembered pushing him down. He just made her so upset she pushed him.

He looked up at her with shock, she was shocked too but she quickly recovered. "I'm a girl. My name is Akane. My momma believes me and she loves me." She stomped away from him in anger, her hands sparking and crackling the entire way.

- Eleven years old

She had come downstairs after her bedtime because she needed a drink of water, that's when she heard her mom and dad yelling.

Her dad was loud, "Why is my son wearing fucking girls underwear? I let him wear the dresses and the skirts and I've let him grow out his hair. I even let you call him that stupid name but this has got to stop Mitsuki. He'll be in middle school next year. It's time to stop this shit."

She heard her mom slam her hand on the table, "Watch your fuckin mouth. Don't talk about my daughter that way. She's actually happy when she gets to dress how she wants and go by the name she wants. Who fuckin cares if she wears panties, nobody is going to see them and they make her more comfortable. Plus you're never fucking home enough to see how happy she is anyway. All you do is come home and upset her."

Akane felt her heart start to beat faster. Her dad really didn't like her but her mom did. Her mom said she would always love her.

"Mitsuki, come the fuck on. Do you hear yourself? You're talking about our son. He's a fucking boy and nothing he says he feels like is going to change that. I'm not putting my money towards raising a confused freak."

"I make more money that you do you fucker and I make or pay for everything for Akane. If you don't want to help raise our daughter, then get the fuck out and stay out. We don't need you here. You're fuckin barely home anyway and it's not because you're always working. Tell that bitch of a receptionist, your fuck buddy Hana I said hello."

There was a few minutes of silence before she heard her father mutter something. She didn't hear what he said but it must have really upset her mom. "You know what, get the fuck out of my house. I paid for the fucking thing, get out!"

Akane heard a door slam moments later and then she heard something she hardly ever heard. Her mom was crying. Akane came the rest of the way down the stairs to hug her mom. "I'm sorry momma."

Mitsuki wiped at her eyes, "Hey honey, momma is fine. How much did you hear?"

"All of it. I'm sorry I made you two fight."

That's when her mom gripped her arms firmly but gently and knelt down in front of her. "You never apologize for being who you are. Got it? Not to me, not to your bastard of a father, nobody. You be who you are. You be Akane."

Her father never came back after that night. She'd like to say it hurt but it didn't. She felt bad for her mom though, because her mom was sad for a while. Until some lady started coming around a lot, she made her mom happy. She looked happier than she ever did with her dad. The lady's name was Akira and she was really nice to her and her mom.

Akira would say that Akane was pretty in her dresses and she would take her to get makeup. She even helped with her quirk training. Akira said she had a really cool quirk and started to help her train to get into Yuuei.

Akane spent a lot of time training alone growing up, she wanted to be a hero. She wanted to be number one like All Might. Akira was really good at helping her train and it was nice to work with her. She was a gymnast so she helped show Akane how to be more flexible and being flexible eventually helped her learn how to blast off the ground and basically fly with her quirk.

- Twelve years old

She started to get bullied a lot when she started middle school. Nobody at school knew she was a girl except Deku, until her second day of school anyway.

It started with a group of boys making fun of her mom and Akira.

"Hey it's Katsuki Bakugou, isn't it?" Some random extra was talking to her. She gritted her teeth at the name Katsuki. "Yes. What do you want extra?"

"I hear you've got a dyke for a mom. That true?" Akane knew what that word meant, the hate behind that word. People yelled it at her mom and Akira sometimes. Akane didn't like that word.

Her hands began to crackle and spark. "Don't call my mom that."

Another kid pointed at her hair, "His hairs pretty long, maybe his dyke mom wants him to be a girl."

Her palms were getting dangerously hot as the desk she was gripping onto started to smoke. "Don't call my mom that again, and I like my hair like this."

"Kacchan thinks he is a girl. He wears dresses all the times. He even goes by another name. Akane."

Akane turned to stare at her former friend. He..just told everyone her secret. They didn't get along anymore and they got in fights but she didn't think he would tell anyone this. She wasn't ready for everyone else to know. "You.. shitty Deku! I'll kill you!"

The whole room began laughing at her. Calling her names. Calling her a tranny. Akane knew she was trans, she had learned that early on seeing her doctor, and the doctor whoshe was going to said she could get special medicine that would stop her from becoming more like a boy. She had wanted to wait until getting into Yuuei until she fully came out as Akane, but now her secret had been exposed.. by that stupid Deku.

They all continued to laugh at her until she took on every single random extra in that room. Her palms crackled like thunder as explosion after explosion went off. If they wanted to make fun of her, they were going to have to deal with her being pissed off, and her being pissed off meant fiery explosions to the face.

- Fourteen years old

Her middle school years were absolutely hell. Almost two full years of school of having slurs yelled at her, being shoved in the hallway, people leaving awful messages in her locker and desks. Nobody picked fights with her outside of school though because they knew what she was capable of. They knew how powerful she was.

The school never did anything about her being bullied, they just yelled at her for defending herself. Her mom never got mad at her for getting sent home for defending herself. Her, her mom, and Akira would go out to eat when she got in trouble for defending herself because they knew nobody was going to stop the other kids.

The school also wouldn't let her wear the girls uniform for the first two years in school. They had to this new year because she started what her doctor called T-blockers, plus her doctor sent a note saying she was receiving gender affirming care now. Nothing could have knocked off her smile the first day she was able to walk in the school in the girls uniform and give every single one of those extras the finger, especially that shitty Deku.

The best day of her life so far was also the worst day of her life so far. She was called into the principals office along with that shitty Deku. She thought she was getting in trouble again because they had had their fair share of violent fights for how he outed her. They fought constantly now. He threw slurs at her and she threw explosions back at him, but he was somehow still the perfect little angel. He only made friends because he picked on her. She was always the one who got in trouble.

That wasn't the case though, they wanted to tell her she had been accepted to try out for Yuuei's hero course by taking their entrance exam.

She was so fucking excited. Finally, she was on her path of being a hero and she would be away from Deku. He wouldn't be able to follow her to Yuuei and ruin her life their too. She was finally getting her fresh start. Then they said that stupid Deku had been accepted to try for the hero course too.

Her blood began to boil at that, he was following her there too! He was always there, mocking her and throwing taunts at her. This was supposed to be her new start, where she could be Akane without anyone bullying her or making her life hell. This was supposed to be her new start.

She took a deep breath, it would still be her new start. Deku didn't have a quirk, and he had never done any work to prepare for the hero course. He was trying to get in by just hopes and dreams. She would be fine. There would be no way that Deku would get in. She was safe.

- Fifteen years old

Akane sat in class on her first day of Yuuei. She was nervous as could be but she would rather die than show it so she sat back and relaxed, playing with the hem of her blouse. She liked the way Yuuei's girls school uniform looked. It made her feel good.

She had been registered under Akane and nobody knew she was trans except for the principal and the staff that she would be dealing with, like her homeroom teacher. She was just hoping they weren't like the teachers at her middle school because those people at that school shouldn't be teachers. None of her classmates knew though. Everyone she had met with so far had called her Akane without issue and they hadn't made fun of her, so she was off to a pretty good start.

She had the top score in the entrance exams. She had the most combat points too, but who scored the most 'savior points'? That shitty Deku. He had a quirk, and it was something powerful. Had he been lying to her all these years? Just playing with her? It pissed her off, but as long as he was in another hero class and not class 1A, she would be fine.

A bright red headed boy bounded up to her as they waited for class to start. "You're Akane Bakugou right?" She nodded at him and she watched as a massive smile broke out over his face, and she also noticed he had shark like teeth. She also noticed he was kind of cute, except for that stupid shitty hair. He continued, "Girl, you are awesome! You did so good at the entrance exams. What's your quirk because it looked so cool. My name is Eijirou Kirishima by the way, but I prefer Kirishima."

Maybe it was worth remembering his name, and her chest swelled with gender euphoria as he talked to her. He called her Akane and girl so easily. It made her extremely happy.

She gave him a genuine smile, "My quirk is explosions basically. I sweat nitroglycerin and I can use that to make explosions erupt from my palms. The more sweat I produce, the bigger the explosion."

"That's such a cool quirk! I can just harden my entire body, I'm basically just a rock."

She clicked her tongue, she learned very quickly that she didn't like him talking down about himself. Something about him made her care. "That's a cool quirk too and it can have a shit ton of applications working in hero work."

He smiled that bright smile again. She liked that smile. "That's what my moms say too. They say it can be really useful."

She looked at him. He had two moms? "You have two moms too?"

"Yeah! I never met my dad. It's been my mom and momma as long as I can remember. So you've got two moms as well?"

Akane nodded at him again, "Yep. My mom and her girlfriend Akira. I consider Akira like my second mom though. She's been around since I was eleven. No idea where my dad is at but he was a piece of shit anyway."

Their conversation was interupted because the one thing Akane wasn't, was lucky, because she seen a familiar green mop of hair walking in the doorway. She couldn't help the growl that started low in her throat as he spotted her. "Kacchan!?"

"Shitty Deku, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?"

Chapter 2: Lit match sparks a forest fire


It's going to continue to get worse before it gets better folks.

Also I kind of hate having to write Ochako and Tsu complacent and not very good people right now. I hate it because I love them.

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Akane couldn't help the growl that started low in her throat as Deku spotted her. "Kacchan!?"

"Shitty Deku, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?"

There was an intense stare down that started between them and it was immediately apparent to the rest of the class that they knew each other.

Akane wouldn't even stop and hesitate to blast the stupid Deku if he even slightly opened his mouth about her being trans. It wasn't any of his damn business! It never has been, but that never stopped Deku.

"It...looks like we're in the same class Kacchan."

Akane felt another growl deep within her throat. "I told you to stop calling me that. Now leave me alone, shitty Deku."

"Kacchan, I know..."

That's when the kid with the shitty hair, Kirishima if she remembers correctly even if he just told her, jumped in for her. Usually something like this would piss her off but for some reason it didn't with him. "Hey man, I can tell there's some tension between you two but she told you to stop calling her that. Her name is Akane, call her what she wants to be called."

Akane stared up at Kirishima, he defended her? Nobody had ever defended her except for her mom and Akira, and well, herself. "Thanks shitty hair."

Kirishima smiled at her, "Of course girl, everyone deserves to be comfortable."

Everyone deserves to be comfortable? Hell, the world must have skipped her in that message.

Akane smirked to herself as she watched Deku shift uncomfortably. Nobody had ever stood up to him for her. Deku wasn't really popular in middle school either but he made 'friends' by making fun of her all the time. Deku was used to her defending herself and throwing explosions, but he wasn't used to someone else doing it for her.

Deku put on that fake smile though, one Akane could see through a mile away. "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name. Kacchan is fine, we've known each other for a long time. That's...her.. nickname."

Kirishima bristled, "My name is Kirishima. I don't care how long you've known each other, she's clearly uncomfortable and she asked you to stop."

"It's not cool to keep doing something when they ask you to stop. No means no." That was a new voice, Akane and everyone turned to see a short girl, maybe a total of five feet tall, maybe. She had purple hair that was styled in a cool way and she had cables hanging from her earlobes. She was giving Deku a deadpanned look. Two people were defending her now? Holy shit.

Nothing was luckily able to escalate any further because the bell rang and people began to shuffle to find some seats. The girl with the weird ears threw her a smirk. "I'm Kyouka Jirou by the way."

Akane could only nod at first. She was still trying to get used to the fact that she had two different people defending her. "I'm.. I'm Akane Bakugou."

Kirishima gave her one last smile before he went to a desk to sit at. He gave her another warm smile from his seat. She really did like that stupid shark toothed smile. Did she have friends? Did these two want to be her friends?

Her new found luck in class lasted about three minutes. That shitty Deku was placed in a seat right behind her and she could just feel him staring holes in the back of her head. She hated him. She spent so long trying to get him to leave her alone, to quit calling her slurs, and he only ever seemed to get closer.

Kirishima didn't seem to like her seating placement any more than she did. She could look over at any time and he was either guaranteed to be trying to hide a smile when they locked eyes or he was glaring at Deku. Maybe he was worth trying out this whole friend thing.

It would only take less than two weeks for Aizawa Sensei to tell the tension between her and Deku wasn't just going to go away. It was deeper than just something petty, so he told them both to stay behind after class. Kirishima gave her a nod and a smile before he had to leave the classroom.

Akane steeled herself as she prepared to be blamed for something that wasn't her fault like usual. She had been so stupid to believe that Yuuei would be any different. Half of the class already took Deku's side and automatically assumed she was just a bully, so why wouldn't the teachers do it too?

Aizawa Sensei looked at them. She was tense and scowling and Deku was bright eyed and had that stupid fake smile on his face.

Aizawa Sensei cleared his throat and she could barely look up to meet his eyes. Her teacher always looked exhausted, she felt it. "So, care to explain why you two don't get along?"

Akane kept her mouth shut. Nobody ever believed her anyway. Deku started talking, "Kacchan and I have known each other for a long time. We used to be childhood friends."

She clenched her fist, she hated being called that stupid nickname from him. He luckily didn't do it around Kirishima and a few of the others now but he still did it every chance he got. Just to piss her off. He continued, "We drifted apart when she started to bully me when we were younger. It got really bad in middle school. Kacchan became extremely aggressive at that point."

That little fucker was saying she bullied him? The fucking audacity of the little bastard. He helped make her life hell and he's going to stand there and say that it was her? Other kids made fun of him, but she was too busy dealing with slurs he threw at her himself, scraping painted words off her locker, and dodging people that tried to shove her down to care about him.

She took a deep breath, well tried to anyway. Her breathing was starting to get faster and she was having to concentrate to keep her hands from sparking and crackling. She was on the verge of a stupid panic attack. It made her feel stupid and ashamed. Stupid Deku.

She could see Aizawa Sensei look at her but she couldn't meet his eyes again. She was so tired of this she could cry but she wouldn't cry. Not in front of her new teacher, and definitely not in front of Deku.

Akane felt stupid for so many things. She felt stupid for thinking Yuuei would be different, that the teachers would be different. Deku had almost everyone fooled and the others just never cared. She should have known this wouldn't be her fresh start. She should have fucking known Deku would ruin this for her too.

Aizawa Sensei cleared his throat to get them both to pay attention, "First of all, I did a little digging into your past files, all the way past middle school. Then I wasn't happy with what I found, stuff didn't seem right so I dug deeper. Midoriya, it seems like you outed miss Akane here in your first year of middle school."

Both of their heads snapped up to meet his line of sight. Holy shit. Did he know the truth?

"I found an article from your middle school newspaper, and it wasn't very nice to Akane here. Just by the article alone and how it threw slur after slur around, I have a pretty good idea on how middle school went for you two and who actually bullied who."

Akane couldn't believe her ears, a teacher actually knew the truth and actually cared about it. Was this her first teacher that would actually care about her?

Aizawa Sensei looked at them, "Now, I want to hear the truth. Akane, what happened?"

Her hands were shaking but she met his eyes, "Deku outed me in middle school for being trans. He constantly made fun of me growing up but middle school was the worst. Once he outed me, I was constantly bullied and the teachers never tried to stop it. I was always blamed and they moved on." She thought she would hate herself for speaking up for herself, but she actually felt like a weight had been lifted off her chest.

"Midoriya is that true?" Akane could see the little glare breaking through her teachers tired face as he stared at Deku. Maybe she really did have a teacher on her side for once.

She watched as Deku opened his mouth and closed it several times, trying to formulate some kind of response but he wasn't quick enough and apparently his silence was good enough for their teacher. "I'll take your silence as confirmation. Tomorrow, you shall have new seats. Akane, you stay where you are and Midoriya, you will switch with Jirou." Akane was happy with that. It got Deku away from her and Jirou was pretty cool. She called headphones her friend too, just like Kirishima.

"If I get word that you out Akane here in this school, I will try my hardest to find the littlest thing to make sure you get expelled. I don't care what particular powerful hero seems to be backing you. I won't let that type of behavior fly I'm my classroom. Also, I believe that Akane has asked you on several occasions to quit calling her Kacchan and call her her actual name. I suggest you do it. Now you're both dismissed."

Akane watched Deku robotically walk out first, fake tears in his eyes, or real tears for finally getting called out, she wasn't for sure. She looked at Aizawa Sensei one more time and muttered a quiet, "Thank you." He gave her the tiniest of smiles and she was on her way. She left that classroom with her head held high.

Her happiness and good luck after that talk with Aizawa Sensei lasted two days.

They were having a training exercise with All Might teaching them. She was excited for a total of five minutes. What made it bad was that she was paired with four eyes, who didn't like her because of Deku, plus they were facing off against Deku and pink cheeks, who also didn't like her because of Deku. What made it even worse was that, her personal favorite hero, All Might, seemed to have a connection with Deku. They whispered together and gave each other knowing looks about something. Then there was the final shitty icing on the even shitier cake, All Might seemed to be aggravated with just her presence.

She had no idea what she did to make her favorite hero not like her, and then she felt stupid again for being so naive. Deku. The little fucker probably told All Might the same story he tried with Aizawa. Fucking great. Her favorite hero probably hated her for something that wasn't even true.

Whatever, she'd get through this exercise easily even with all of the bullshit.

The exercise was a disaster. She couldn't fucking work with four eyes to save her life and pink cheeks was giving her death glares the entire time they caught eyes. Then she let that shitty Deku bait her in to looking like a complete bitch while he cried his crocodile tears for the others watching when she was just trying to win the match. Plus All Might was yelling in her ear that she was going too far when she really wasn't and that she was being a bully when she wasn't.

Eventually they had two minutes left in this stupid exercise when she finally just ripped her gauntlets off and ripped out the stupid ear piece. "Come on Midoriya, hand to hand since you don't want to use that flashy quirk of yours now!" She spit his name out with venom purposely. He had started calling her Akane or just Bakugou but he did it with distain, so she would do the same right back at him.

She squared up with him. All she had to do was distract him for two more minutes and her side won.

It took her less than thirty seconds to expose how little Deku actually knew about combat. She quickly had him pinned and was about to use the capture tape when she heard a whistle and All Might called the match off. Cutting her off from victory right at the finish line. "I'm calling the match, use of excessive force by Akane. Midoriya and Uraraka win!" Use of fucking force? What the hell? She easily pinned the shitty Deku with little technique. How was that excessive force?

Once they had been regrouped with the others, Akane was boiling over. "What the hell All Might? There wasn't any use of excessive force. Why the hell did we really lose?"

She knew the reason and she was pissed off, and she was proven right with the little glance from All Might to Deku. "You were being a bully and using excessive force. I called the match and you lost, but that is okay! Use this as experience to grow and be better!"

"I don't think she used excessive force All Might. I think she just exposed Midoriya's weaknesses. It's not fair that you called the match." Her head snapped up to Kirishima. He was defending her against All Might of all people, and several others like Jirou agreed with Kirishima, voicing their own opinions in her defense. Her friends were kind of amazing.

All Might closed the conversation and moved onto the next group. She didn't pay attention to the rest of the battles, she was too far busy being pissed off and upset.

Her bad luck got worse a month later.

It was also unfortunately one of the most embarrassing and humiliating things to happen to her in her sixteen years of life.

Her and the other girls were getting changed into their hero costumes for a training session with Ectoplasm because Aizawa Sensei was still recovering from the attack on the USJ a week prior.

Akane either changed facing away from the other girls, changed in one of the stalls, or triple checked to make sure she was tucked before changing I'm front of them. Today was a day where she wasn't tucked because it was unsafe and uncomfortable to tuck everyday, so she made sure to face away from everyone else because of her stupid bulge and lack of bigger breast. She padded her bra every day but she couldn't unfortunately tuck every single day.

It usually took her maybe twenty seconds to take her uniform skirt off and slip on her hero costumes pants. She liked being more aerodynamic when in battle so she went with tight pants for her costume. In the twenty seconds today it took her to change, someone screamed.

The voice seemed to be coming from a corner of the room nobody was in. Then she remembered about invisibitch. Fuck, how could she have been so stupid. Invisible hands ripped her pants from her hands so she used her hands to cover her lower half. She felt so exposed in just her bra and panties. She had never felt so humiliated in her entire life. "You've been a boy this entire time! You pervert! Akane's a boy!"

Tears quickly slipped down her cheeks but then she felt someone wrap a towel around her. "That's enough, you leave her alone Tooru." It was Jirou holding the towel around her.

Akane used the cover to quickly slip her skirt back on and her extra tank top over her torso. She wiped away the tears as Jirou stood guard and she heard someone chewing out the invisibitch. The voice defending Akane turned out to be Mina Ashido. Akane and her hadn't talked much but she liked Mina's style, even if the girl was too hyper for her own good sometimes. "What the hell Tooru? That's so rude that you would invade someone's privacy like that. Plus why would you be mean to her like that?"

"He's not a girl!"

Akane stomped her foot, "I am a girl! I'm fucking trans. There, I said it. Are you fuckin happy? I've never even looked at anyone while we're in here so how am I a pervert, or is just because I'm trans that makes me a pervert?"

Tooru stammered, "Well, I'm still uncomfortable with you being in here. You should have said something. Right girls?"

Akane looked around as round face and froggy didn't say anything. They just looked uncomfortably at the floor. Jirou looked downright murderous though, and not at Akane. "I have no problem with Akane being in here, so she's trans, what's the big deal? She's still a girl."

Mina nodded along, "I have no problem with Akane. Why would she have to tell us? It's not our business. It's really rude of you to say that Tooru. Plus, you're the one that ripped her pants out of her hands and exposed her to everyone. That's not right and I should report you."

"Report me?? She's the one who didn't tell us she wasn't a real girl."

"Now that's enough!" That surprisingly tense voice came from the really tall girl. Momo maybe? She was still trying to learn names. The girl was one of the only two people above Akane when it came to actual test scores. "That is enough, you are talking about one of our classmates Tooru. What you did was unheroic and you should be ashamed. I don't have the slightest bit of worry sharing a locker room with Akane."

Akane looked up at the taller girl. First Jirou had defended her, which they were friends, but then Mina had jumped in to defend her and now Momo too. It was surreal.

"Please don't tell anyone." Akane hated sounding so meek and ashamed, but she was scared. "I've already been outed before and it made my life hell. Even if you don't like me, please don't tell anyone else. This was supposed to be a new start but everything seems to keep following me. Plus I am a real girl." Akane hated herself for how quiet that last part has come out of her mouth.

Akane felt Jirou hold her hand, "Nobody is going to say a word. We're all girls here and we're supposed to stick together."

Momo nodded at them, "Now, we need to hurry before we're all late. Akane, stop by my locker after school. I have some teas that do wonderfully for reducing stress and I think you deserve some stress relief."

Akane nodded, "Okay." She went to wiping the rest of the tears that had slipped down her face. Jirou stood guard as she quickly slipped on her hero costume.

She was on autopilot at this point. She had some people come to her defense and she appreciated them for it, but she had been utterly humiliated in front of all of the other girls in the room. She just wanted to go home but then her moms would ask why she was home early and if she had been crying because she could never hide it from them. Plus Akane wasn't a quitter anyway. So she made sure her face was clear and she let Jirou hold her hand again as she walked out of the locker room. She wasn't a quitter.

What none of the girls had noticed in the last couple days was the development of little hole in the wall that led to the boys locker room. Most of the boys were unaware of this peep hole as well, but it only took one little match to start a fire.

Chapter 3: Forest fire


I loved all the softness at the end of this chapter. Akane deserves the softness and love. Plus Bakugou with glasses- adorable. Trans girl Bakugou with glasses - the most adorable.

I just wanted Akane to be like super school girl esqe. Like she's a badass and can murder people with one hand, but she's also super soft and cute. Don't judge me.

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Chapter Text

Kirishima was getting changed into his hero costume for their class with Ectoplasm when it happened.

It turned out Mineta, the gross little grape kid, 'found' a peephole in the wall to the girls locker room and before anyone could rip him away from it and plug it up, he jumped back away from it. "Akane has balls! She's a dude! Some of the other girls are freaking out because they just seen his bulge through his panties. What the fuck?"

Kirishima looked at him, with pure distain for the gross pervert, his voice becoming an actual growl. "Stop being a pervert and leave Akane alone. You have no idea what you saw." If he was telling the truth, who cares? She identified as a girl so that's all there was to it. Kirishima didn't understand how it was any of their business anyway. Akane was his friend and he would do what he could to protect her.

Plus all the other girls seemed so nice, why would they be freaking out? He knew Mina wouldn't care if Akane was trans.

Akane was just Akane. She was her own person and she wasn't cookie cutter, and Kirishima liked that about her. She was sweet and caring in her own ways. She was smart and honestly pretty sassy to the point it was funny. She was also super cute and he would admit to that with his whole chest.

If she was trans, he was going to kill Mineta for spilling her secret. It was her secret. Not theirs.

Apparently Mineta wasn't finished, "I'm the pervert? That freak is pretending to be a girl and is just in the girls locker room with real girls. I can't believe we have a tranny in class." He looked the the hole again, "It looks like Jirou is covering him with a towel and Mina is yelling at someone I can't see. The girls definitely know though. It seems like they're fighting about something."

Iida stepped in to cover the hole in the wall with a piece of tape from Sero and pushed Mineta away from it. "I may not be Akane's biggest fan but it's not nice to talk this way about another classmate and how they identify. Plus I know you made this hole in the wall Mineta. I will be reporting you."

Kaminari was scratching his head, "It's not cool to make up lies anyway Mineta, because there's no way someone as hot as Akane is trans."

"He's not lying." Everyone turned to hear Midoriya as he spoke. "It's wrong to peek on the real girls but Mineta isn't lying. I knew 'Akane' when he was Katsuki. He thinks he's a girl. He has since we were like seven."

Kirishima instinctively hardened his hands. "Why would you out her like that? Plus stop misgendering her, it's fucking mean."

Iida pushed his glasses further up on his nose. "I must agree with Kirishima. It's not very hero like to out someone, plus if Akane identifies a a girl, we should respect that. Mineta, Midoriya, you two should be ashamed. Midoriya, I thought better of you."

"I didn't out him this time, Mineta did. I was just confirming what he seen." Midoriya spoke so nonchalantly and it pissed Kirishima off. Then a certain word stuck out to him.

Kirishima took a step forward. "It's her, she's a girl, but you also said this time. You said you didn't out her this time. You've outed her before haven't you?" Kirishima had a bad feeling about Midoriya from the first day, plus he just didn't like how uncomfortable he made Akane. He was finding out why he was right to have those feelings.

Midoriya paused for a second as if he was caught, because he was. "That's not what I said. I said I didn't out him."

Tokoyami let out a indignant squawk. "No, you said this time. You've done this before haven't you? Is that why she can't stand you?"

Shouji crossed two sets of his arms over his chest, and used one of the extra arms to speak with, "You've said she's bullied you and made your life hell. I have a feeling it was the other way around. I have a feeling you've been lying to us."

Ojirou shrugged with indifference as he looked at everyone, "I don't understand why we're grilling Midoriya. He exposed a he-she using the girls locker room."

"Stop calling her names! Her name is Akane and she's a girl. How hard is that to understand. You're supposed to be heroes in training, not bigots." Kirishima was starting to get really pissed off. His entire arms were hardened at this point.

Mineta laughed, "Easy there dude, don't defend the freak too much or people are going to think you like a tranny." Some of the others laughed too, Midoriya, Ojirou, even Kaminari gave a little laugh. Others were staying completely out of it like Kouda, Satou, Yuuga. In a situation like this, complacency was pissing him off too.

Sero looked over to Kaminari, "Kami, what are you doing dude? This isn't funny and you're being super disrespectful to Akane. You're not usually like this."

Kaminari sobered up at that quickly but still shrugged, "I don't man. It's kind of funny. Kirishima is going pretty hard in defending her. I think he may have a little crush."

The fact that Kaminari was gendering her correctly but also being absolutely awful was pissing Kirishima off too. He considered Kami a friend, so had Sero. "So what if I did have a crush on her? She's pretty and smart and nice. She's awesome. I'd be lucky to date a girl like her, but that's not the point here. The point is, a lot of you are being absolutely repulsive and I'm about three seconds from stomping heads in."

Midoriya cracked a grin, "You do have a crush on Kacchan. That's cute. You're also starting to talk like him too."

Mineta burst out laughing again, "Holy shit, You actually do like that tranny. I can't actually believe it." The others started laughing again, but at least Kaminari had the decency to look uncomfortable and ashamed of himself at this point.

Kirishima launched himself at Midoriya first but Sero held him back. "I told you to quit calling her that!"

"It's not worth it dude. Think of Akane." Sero had a point but Kirishima was irate at this point.

"Think of Akane!" Mineta mocked Sero's voice and Kirishima growled and launched himself at Mineta this time.

Iida and Todoroki caught Kirishima this time, before he could fully reach the nasty little pervert. "I'll fucking stomp you out you prick."

Todoroki held onto one of his arms and whispered to him, "We'll get Aizawa Sensei involved, if you attack him, you'll get suspended or even worse. Akane is going to need you here."

Iida nodded, "I will go to Aizawa Sensei as soon as we leave the locker room after training. He's not teaching this class but he is still overseeing our homeroom so I'll go find him. I misjudged Akane, severely, and this is the least I can do for her. Some of our classmates are out of control."

"Fine, but if this keeps up, I will stomp the hell out of them and anyone else who wants to pick on her." Iida nodded at him in understanding.

Iida then turned to the rest of them, "Everyone needs to finish changing and get out to the practice field before we are late."


Akane didn't know why but the boys were acting weird. She felt like she was being stared at and she could swear she seen some people laughing and pointing but she didn't know if it was at her or not. She was so out of it that she really couldn't tell. She had just had an incredibly humiliating moment in the locker room so she was pretty out of it.

Jirou, Mina, and Momo stuck near her while they worked on their move sets with each other. The three of them were like her shield. She was pretty sure Mina and Momo were her friends now too. She went from having zero to four friends in less than a couple months. It was kind of exciting.

Another reason she couldn't quite focus, Kirishima. There was something about him today. She took turns looking at him on a usual day because he was basically shirtless when he had his hero costume on but today, he was also just so intense and he was growling as he fought against the sparky kid. It made her feel things. It made her cheeks flush and it made her heart flutter in her chest. She couldn't understand how Kirishima was so cute but also, just so hot too.

Mina must have noticed her staring because she felt the pink girl slightly nudge her, "I see you eyeing Kiri pretty hard there."

Akane felt her face flush even more, "Shut up pinky."

Mina smiled at her, "Does Akane have a little crush on our resident ball of sunshine?"

Akane could hear Jirou and Momo giggling. She turned to face them all, "Maybe."

Jirou wiggled her eyebrows, "Maybe you should ask him out then. You two would look good together."

Akane wanted to tell her to ask out Momo then because those two were so obvious it was crazy, but she didn't want to embarrass her friend with the taller girl standing literally two feet away. Plus she had a bigger issue with asking Kirishima out, "I can't ask him out. I'm..well you know."

Mina frowned at what she was saying, understanding now. "Babe, you are still one hundred percent a valid girl, and Kiri doesn't care about any of that stuff. He literally just likes people. He cares about how nice people are, not what's between their legs."

Mina giggled to herself, "I've known Kiri since middle school. I can just picture him dating you, he'll get all flustered and excited. He'll brag about having such a cool and strong girlfriend. He'll urge you to 'steal' his shirts and hoodies just so he can see you in them."

Akane let herself picture it, she let herself picture walking around her room wearing one of his shirts that came down to her knees, taking silly pictures to send to him, and she pictured him picking her up to kiss her. He was maybe three inches taller then her but he had such a long and broad torso. His shirts and hoodies would envelope her. It would be cute.

Momo giggled, "I think she likes what she sees in her head."

Akane felt her ears now heat up, "Shut up."

Akane's world fell apart again about an hour later. She was walking back to the locker room with Jirou, Mina, and Momo when Kirishima caught up to them right outside the girls locker room. She smiled at him but she quickly dropped it. He was sporting a serious face and he looked upset. "Akane. I'm sorry. I tried to get to you sooner but I couldn't get across the field to you. I'm so fuckin sorry."

Jirou grabbed Akane's hand and held it, "What are you talking about Kirishima?"

Meanwhile Akane's heart sunk at his words. Some of the boys had been laughing at her. They had been pointing at her. Mocking her. They knew. "Do you know? Does everyone know?"

She noticed a wave of anger spike across his face, like he was remembering something that pissed him off. "Mineta and Midoriya outed you to the entire locker room. Girl, I'm so sorry. Mineta made a peephole and seen you changing and Midoriya said a bunch of awful stuff. I couldn't stop them."

She didn't know who she grabbed on to, probably Jirou because she had been holding her hand but she began to just uncontrollably sob into someone's shoulder. She just fell apart.

Akane fell apart again as soon as she got home. She had left straight after getting changed, skipping her last class entirely. She didn't want to deal with anyone, even her friends. She knew they meant well but she just couldn't handle it. They were going to talk to Aizawa Sensei for her and while she appreciated it and probably should be there for it, she just couldn't do it. She'd talk to him tomorrow.

As soon as she seen her mom in the living room, the tears started up again. "It happened again Momma. He fucking did it again."

Her mom left Akira's side to pull her into an embrace, holding her tight. "Honey, it happened again? Did that little bastard out you again?"

Akane nodded as she cried even harder. Her mom rocked her slightly, shushing her lightly and running a hand through her hair. Akira held onto them both and Akane just let herself cry again.

Slowly through tears, Akane told her mom and Akira about everything that happened. What happened in the girl's locker room, then how some of the boys had been laughing at her during training, and finally everything Kirishima had told her.

"I know you didn't want me to last time because you love aunty Inko but I'm telling her this time. I'm telling her about what her son has done to you." Her mom was doing best to hold her anger in, she could feel it.

Akane just nodded, "Okay momma." She didn't have the strength to argue nor did she really want to.

Her mom kissed the top of her head, "I have half a mind to go to that school tomorrow and kick a bunch of their little asses. Damn bastards making my little girl cry like this.

For the first time since she was outed when she was twelve, Akane nuzzled into her mom's embrace and just let herself be held. "I love you momma."


Kirishima was waiting for Akane the next morning but he soon came to the conclusion she was probably skipping today and he didn't blame her one bit, but she ended up walking into class right as the bell rang. He smiled a small smile at her and she gave one in return. She was holding her books close to her chest as she walked to her seat.

Iida and himself had found Aizawa after their training yesterday and they told him what happened. Kirishima had never seen him so scary. Mina had also come with them to report what had happened in the girls locker room. It broke his heart to hear what had happened to Akane in that locker room. She didn't deserve any of this.

The door slammed shut as Aizawa Sensei came walking in. Not trudging in like he did every morning, no, he was walking with a purpose. His hair was slightly levitating and he had a wild look in his eyes. Karishima stood corrected, this was now the scariest he had ever seen their teacher.

Aizawa slammed his hand down on his desk to get their attentions. "We have a lot to discuss. Akane, you wanted to start?"


Akane took a deep breath and let it out, pushing her glasses up on her nose. She hadn't worn her contacts today because she had spent all morning crying. Glasses were easier. "I'm trans. I'm a trans girl. I identify as female and go by she and her pronouns. I may be trans but that doesn't mean I'm not a real girl."

She turned to look at some of them. Glaring. "I am a real girl and I won't be treated like I'm not. I didn't feel the need to come out because it's nobody's business but I've been forced out once again, so here you go. I'm officially coming out or whatever. Aizawa Sensei knew I was trans, all of my current teachers do, so I was allowed to be in the girls locker room. Cause I'm a fucking girl."

She turned back to face the front. She nodded at him that she was finished and he nodded back at her. Aizawa glared at his class as he continued. "I don't want a single one of you to blame Akane. She wasn't even the first one that came to me about this horrid situation. You're heroes in training and this is how you treat someone? If you come across a trans civilian who needs help, are you going to ignore them and let them suffer? If the answer is yes than you can pack your stuff and get the hell out now."

"Other than Akane, Kirishima, Jirou, Mina, Momo, Iida, Sero, Tokoyami, Shouji, and Todoroki, the rest of you owe me a five page paper on discrimination in the workplace that is hero work. Plus why being complacent can be just as bad as being the perpetrator. Tooru, I've heard that you regret what you did to Akane, and that's a start but what you did is still technically assault, a week suspension. Do something like that again and it will be immediate expulsion. Understood?"

Akane heard a yelp and a "Yes sir" but she was too busy staring at awe at her teacher. He had her back. He actually had her back and others were finally getting punished for what they did to her. Holy shit.

Aizawa Sensei wasn't done though. "Mineta, I have no doubt you put that hole in the wall to spy on the girls, but I don't have hard evidence to prove it." The feral grin grew on their teachers face though as Mineta shrunk in his seat. "You still outed a classmate and were one of the ring leaders in the whole thing, with that alone, one week suspension. I hear of the tiniest rumor about you being gross to one of these girls or bullying someone, you'll be gone. Expelled."

"Midoriya. I bet you think you're safe because you technically didn't out Akane, Mineta did. Too bad I don't care about technicalities, and too bad I don't care about the hero backing you. I catch you messing up, even in the slightest bit, you'll be out of here faster than you can even protest. One week suspension, it would have been two but someone threw a fit and got it down to one. Consider yourself lucky but they can't save you next time. I'll make sure of that."

Akane couldn't take her eyes off her teacher. He came in here and cleaned house for her. He stood up for her and made sure everyone knew what they did was wrong. She couldn't believe it. She also couldn't help but give her teacher a small smile, one he returned when he turned to go back to his desk. "Now, let's begin class for today."

When class was let out, Akane received mixed emotions from people. Some eyed her with what looked like regret and others eyed her with what looked like distain. She didn't care, she had just wanted to get changed yesterday but people decided to out her again. That's not her fault. She just wanted to become a hero. She didn't care about all of their shit. She walked by Aizawa's desk and gave him a quiet "Thank you" before she left.

Kirishima instantly threw his arm over her shoulders, which led Jirou, Mina, and Momo to wiggle their eyebrows and giggle at her. She gave them the finger as she walked with Kirishima, only slightly leaning into his side. He continued to talk like a excited puppy and she just smiled as she just looked up at him. He was her best friend. He had called her yesterday night and they ended up talking for hours as he explained everything that happened and she explained everything that happened on her end. He was the only reason she even came to school today. He had promised to be right be her side every step he could.

She leaned her full weight into him as they walked, just letting him steer her towards lunch. She could see a little blush on his cheeks as they walked. Hmm, maybe he did like her too. Maybe her thoughts weren't so far off as she first thought. The three other girls cooed at her and she had to stop herself from hiding into Kirishima's neck.

Or so she thought, apparently she didn't actually stop herself completely because she nuzzled into his neck for a moment before she realized what she did and backed off. She felt Kirishima stop and his hand came to rest between her back and her backpack.

She had her books clutched tight to her chest as he looked down, smiling at her. "Hi."

One stupid two letter word from him made her blush, "Hey." Why did he make her feel so giddy? Why did he make her feel like a silly schoolgirl? She was a fuckin Bakugou for crying out loud. She was a badass, and she's loud and brash. She's not quiet and meek... Maybe that's what he liked though? Maybe he liked loud and brash, like his freaking hair!

"You look really cute in your glasses." It was a soft admission and it made her absolutely melt. "I really want to kiss you Akane." Now her heart melted for sure.

She watched him blush harder at his own words and even further when she bit her lip. "I really want you to kiss me Kiri." Holy shit. Was she going to have her first kiss right outside the cafeteria? With her other friends watching? Shit, maybe, and maybe it would be worth it.

"You don't mind that I'm.." Kirishima shook his head at her, stopping her mid sentence.

He gave her such a gentle smile. "That doesn't bother me. It's a part of who you are. You're so sweet and pretty and..."

"Fags." It was something spoken behind a cough, aimed at her and Kirishima.

"Look, Kirishima likes the tranny." Another insult hurled right at them. She hadn't noticed a small group of boys had been watching them, led by the copycat blonde boy from 1B.

"Hey, don't call them names and leave Akane alone." Jirou and the other two girls were furious at the boys but Akane couldn't focus.

How did he know? Fucking someone leaked her secret outside of their class already. Everyone was going to know now. She was going to be shoved down again, her books knocked out of her hands, slurs painted on her locker. It would be just like middle school. She'd have to go back to being ready to defend herself at every moment.

She didn't understand! She knew she passed, and nobody even questioned that she was trans just yesterday. It was just because they knew now. She looked androgenous before she even got on blockers and thoss made her look even more soft and feminine, preventing her from going through a male puberty. Her voice was still soft and her face was round. Her body had natural curves and her hair reached her mid back. She looked like her mom and she wasn't even on estrogen yet.

One of the girls from 1B had said she was really pretty just yesterday morning! That's why she knew people were doing it just to be mean. Just to make her feel like shit. It..it wasn't fair. This was supposed to be her time. This wasn't supposed to be middle school. She just wanted to be a hero.

Kirishima grabbed one of her hands and squeezed it. It grounded her. She had friends now, and they cared about her, and she had at least one teacher who cared about her too. She wasn't alone.

"Don't call Akane that, and fuck you Monoma. So what? I like her. She's awesome. She's pretty and sweet and smart. I'll fight the next person who opens their mouth to be mean to her." The copycat opened his mouth, a smug smile on his face when Kiri kept his word. He didn't use his quirk because he's smart. He knows he'll get in less trouble. He hit the copycat bastard again and again until Akane had to pull him off.

Akane gripped his arm, "Kiri, If you keep it up you're going to kill him. I'd rather you not go to jail."

"Sorry.. I just hate how he was talking about you."

She then leaned into him, hugging him. "You don't have to apologize. Thank you."

Kiri was pulled out of English right after lunch. Akane's heart sank. She didn't want him to get suspended, or even worse. Kiri was a good person and he would make a good hero. He defended her, he didn't deserve to be in trouble.

He showed up during training so at least he wasn't expelled, but she wasn't able to talk to him until after school. The other girls, especially Mina, tried to reassure her he wouldn't get in major trouble but she was nervous. She finally got to talk to him as they walked out the school together. "Did you get in trouble?"

He smiled that bright smile at her. "Just two day suspension for quirkless fighting. Monoma got three days for what he said, seeing his bruised face because Recovery Girl wouldn't fully heal him was hilarious. She doesn't like bigots. She's apparently been married to the same woman for like thirty years."

"Kiri, I'm still sorry. I didn't mean.."

She watched as he stopped and grabbed her hand, "Don't apologize. I would do it again. I know you can handle yourself, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit by and let someone talk to you like that. Aizawa Sensei came to my defense, he said I shouldn't even be suspended but the principal said I at least had to be punished for fighting, even if he thought my actions were justified. My moms will probably take me out for ice cream once I explain everything. It's okay Akane."

"Kiri, I'm still sorry..." She was cut off as a larger hand gently touched her chin. Her breath hitched. "Kiri.."

"Can I kiss you Akane?" He was gently cradling her face, softly cupping her chin.

She nodded, "Yes."

She was kissing him. She was kissing him! She felt herself melt into him as his arms held her close. He kept his touches gentle and it all made her swoon.

They pulled apart and he gently pushed her glasses up on her nose from where they had slipped down. Amusement and fondness written clearly on Kirishima's face "You're so cute Akane." She blushed further from the gentle praise.

The three other girls cheering made them realize they weren't alone. Jirou, Mina, and Momo ran towards them. The five of them walked off campus together, Akane and Kirishima dodging questions but holding hands the entire time.


Midoriya was walking out of the building as he watched the five of them leave campus. Monoma from 1B stood next to him. A silent agreement passing between them. A forest fire will always spread.


It's going to keep getting worse before it gets better. Thank you all for liking this story so much!

Chapter 4: Petrified but still a hero


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Anyway, I love my soft girl Akane. I know she's quite out of character in certain aspects when it comes with Bakugou but I love her.

Chapter Text

Akane's life finally settled down for a few weeks after she had been outed once again. People still said awful stuff but it was few and far between at the moment.

Dare she say it, but she was happy.

She had a boyfriend now! She still couldn't believe it. Kiri had asked her out the day after their first kiss.

He was amazing and treated her so well. He was probably one of the sweetest people she had ever met, and she was dating him. He also wouldn't stand for people being mean to her, he shut them down instantly.

She had been buzzing with so much excitement that when she got home, she called out to her mom, "Momma! Akira! I have a boyfriend!"

Kiri had met her mom and Akira two weeks after that and they immediately hit it off. They loved him and how sweet and charming he was. Akane couldn't help but be proud of her boyfriend. She was supposed to go meet his moms sometime soon as well.

She also had actual friends. Kiri was her best friend as well as her boyfriend, but Jirou was her next closest friend. Then the was Mina and Momo, they had gotten close too. The four of them even had a girls night at Mina's and it was actually pretty amazing. She honestly liked having friends.

She had also gotten closer with some of the boys that had defended her in the locker room that day. She buried the hatchet with Iida and they were on better terms. Todoroki and Sero were both pretty chill to hang around. Todoroki was always her second pick for a spar partner if Kiri was already paired with someone else. Then there was Tokoyami and Shouji. These two were just easy to be around. They were quiet and she could sit with them when she needed peace and Kiri wasn't around.

She had a good relationship with most of her teachers, especially Aizawa Sensei. The only one she didn't was All Might. It hurt her at first but she was determined not to care. She didn't care that her hardly looked at her. She didn't care that he never checked on her after she had been publicly outed by his favorite student, that shitty Deku. She didn't care, almost.

All in all though, she had nice teachers, she had cool friends, and she had an amazing boyfriend. She was happy.

Akane and Kiri walked out of the school building towards the gates of campus. They held hands the entire way and she kissed him goodbye for the day. She smiled at him as she pushed her glasses back up on her nose. She was wearing her glasses more, Kirishima thought they were cute and they were just easier than contacts some days, especially days they didn't have training. "I'll see you tomorrow Kiri. We got to keep training for the sports festival."

"Wait, Akane." She turned back around to see his face blushing and he was holding a lump of fabric in his hands. "It's uh my favorite hoodie. I was wondering if you'd want to have it. I know it's pretty worn but that's just because I wear it a lot."

Akane couldn't hide the smile on her face. His little blush on his cheeks made her coo at him, which just made him blush more. She lightly took it from him. It was a Crimson Riot hoodie, it had little holes from what looked like Kiri activating his quirk. It was worn out and it was perfect. "Thank you Kiri. I love it."

He beamed a smile at her, a smile she always loved seeing. She just couldn't get enough of him.

Later that night, Akane came out of her bathroom blow drying her hair. She had on a pair of black shorts but she didn't have a shirt yet, that's when she remembered Kiri's hoodie. She smile as she found it and slipped it on. It absolutely enveloped her and came down to her thighs, covering her shorts and she loved it. She snuggled down into it, it smelled like him and that made her happy.

She snapped a few silly pictures for him and also sent them to the girls. She was just happy. She fell asleep that night snuggled down in Kiri's hoodie and a small smile on her face.

Akane got up and padded down to the kitchen to make herself and her mom and Akira breakfast. She danced around the kitchen as she let her music play and that was why she almost didn't see or hear her mom and Akira enter the kitchen too.

Her mom eyed her hoodie and a smirk bloomed over her face, "Well who's torn up hoodie is that?"

Akira joined in as she giggled, "It's definitely not something your momma made so it must be special." Akira couldn't help but wiggle her eyebrows and giggle.

Akane stuck out her tongue, "It's Kiri's, don't be mean." She watched as her mom and Akira giggled like school children.

"Isn't he coming over together today so you to can spar?" Akane didn't like the smirk on her mom's face as she said that.

"Momma, please don't embarrass me in front of Kiri. I quite like my boyfriend." Akane knew she sounded whiny, that was the point, but she also meant what she said.

The two of them luckily did leave her and Kiri alone when he got there. That way the two of them could spar and trade kisses in peace.

Two weeks before the sports festival is when everything started up again. All of the bullying just intensified out of nowhere, as if somebody has been planning it. People would wait for the halls to get full before someone would reach out and knock her books out of her hands or shove her so she would stumble and usually fall. It happened so much that she started walking near the wall and Kiri and the girls started forming a subtle wall around her. They couldn't shove her anymore so they moved on to something different.

Next, words like "fag, tranny, queer" all started showing up on her locker. She unfortunately had to get Aizawa Sensei involved again, she didn't want to stress him out any further but she didn't have anyway of fixing her locker without him. So she had her locker door replaced every afternoon for a week straight while they tried to figure out who it was.

The security cameras shown someone invisible holding the paint that was doing it so Tooru was the first one questioned. She was clear and so we're all the other cloaking or invisible quirk having kids. Nobody ever thought about that someone copying a quirk so the vandalism continued until she just stopped going to her locker. She just kept everything with her and avoided her locker.

Then there was the incident when someone stealing her hero costume. Her costume was just gone one day and when it was returned, it was torn to shreds and covered in drawn on pictures and slurs.

She slumped down on one of the benches while the other girls got furious about whoever did it. She was just tired of everything. She had made that costume herself with her mom's help. Everything was just exhausting but she wasn't giving up, she couldn't. She'd have her mom help her again and she would just ask Aizawa Sensei if she could keep her case that carried her hero costume and her equipment in his class.

He didn't even hesitate to say yes, so at least that was another problem solved.

Akane was trying her best to block it all out, she had a sports festival to worry about and win.

Then it got all worse at the sports festival, in particular, the third round of things. It wasn't the bullying from classmates and other students that made it absolutely awful. It was someone else. It was the phase of one on one combat, what she particularly excelled at. She had this in the bag, this festival was hers to win.

She had her first round against round face and Akane won after a long drawn out battle. The pink cheeked girl had some real talent and some skill. "I'm sorry for not defending you in the locker room all those weeks ago." Pink cheeks spoke up as they walked off the field together.

Akane looked over at her as they walked down the corridors to Recovery Girl's office. Round face continued, "I didn't do anything while Tooru humiliated you. That was completely wrong of me. I knew I should have stood up for you but I didn't, and I'm sorry. It will never happen again, I won't sit by and let it happen again."

"I accept your apology. Thank you Ochako." Akane didn't hold anything against her and Tsu, or even Kouda and Satou. She was upset at first but she had other things to worry about, so she forgave them. It was just weighing her down to not do it.

Ochako looked over at her, "I'd like to eventually gain your trust and be your friend. If you'd like that."

Akane smiled, "We can definitely work on that Ochako."

They walked together down the corridors. The air was lighter and Akane felt better.

Her next match was against Kiri and they duked it out for a solid twenty minutes before she finally won.

After the match, he leaned forward and pecked her cheek as they walked off the field. "Good match girl."

She blushed as they held hands, "Thank you Kiri."

He gave her a bright smile, "You're definitely winning this thing."

Her next match with Tokoyami was downright fun. She got to fight with Dark Shadow but he was just no match for the bright lights from the explosions. Then there was her match with the shitty Deku. Of course they would be in the finals together.

"Hey Kacchan!" Akane growled at the use of the shitty nickname she never wanted. He did it just just to piss her off.

She prepared herself to beat his ass into the ground. "I'll kill you Deku!"

Then they were off. The shitty nerd held his own for about five minutes but when all of his fingers were broken, she launched her final attack to spike him into the ground. "Rolling Thunder!"

After the dust had settled, she had knocked him against the wall, completely out of bounds. She had won!

The crowd roared for her, as she walked off for the final time. She got to beat that shitty Deku and win the festival. She was walking on cloud nine.

Kiri met her at one of the corridors and picked her up and spun her around in a hug. "I'm so proud of you! That's my girl!"

She held his hand after he sat her down and the girls congratulated her and cooed over her and Kiri.

Akane waited until nobody was looking, or so she thought, and leaned forward and tip toes to kiss him gently. That's when they heard audible someone cooing. Miss Midnight. They got caught by a teacher.

Akane quickly grabbed his hand and walked away before the both erupted into a fit of laughter and giggles.

Then there was the award ceremony, and that's when everything went sideways.

All Might was handing out the medals to the winners. She was first place, Deku was second, and Tokoyami and Todoroki shared third.

All Might was putting the medals around their necks and sharing personal speeches. Finally! She was going to get recognition from the number one. She was going to be recognized by her favorite hero.

So after he presented Deku with his medal and spent over a minute quietly talking to the stupid nerd, it was her turn. Except she didn't receive the medal like the others did. She didn't get a speech. She got avoided eye contact, a dirty look, a mumbled congrats, before the medal was lazily placed in her hand. Then he began walking away to stand next to Deku again. What?

What had she done to be treated like this from the number one? Her favorite hero shunned her. It hurt. It hurt a lot.

She heard Tokoyami squawk out in rage and Todoroki couldn't take his eyes off All Might. "Why did he do that?"

Akane shook her head, she didn't know.

Was she really that bad? Was she not even worth pretending to like? Why wasn't she as special as Deku? Someone who had tormented her through her life.

The crowd was silent, watching it all go down. She didn't like the attention anymore.

Someone took the medal from her hands, it was Aizawa Sensei with Present Mic behind him.

Akane looked up at her teacher, "Am I really not worth him even pretending to care? He was my hero growing up. I don't understand. Why?"

Aizawa sighed, "I don't know kid but I'm going to figure it out why he did it. For now though, you won and you deserve to have this medal presented to you in a respectable manner. You're going to go far Akane. I don't have a doubt about it. Good job today."

Aizawa slipped the medal around her neck and Present Mic screamed out her name. "One more time for our young winners here, and the first place winner, Akane Bakugou!" She listened as the crowd roared again. Chanting her name.

Akane found her friends in the crowd. She found Kiri and he gave her a bright smile. Then she found Jirou, Mina, and Momo. Then she looked to find Iida, Sero, and Shouji. All of them smiling and waving to them down on the podiums.

She then found her mom and Akira, they were waving and smiling from the stands. She then looked up and met eyes with Aizawa, a small smile on his face. These were the people who had her back. Who respected her. She didn't need All Might. She'd pass him and be number one and leave him in the dust.

"Hey All Might!" Akane turned to face him and he looked at her. "I don't need your stupid praise. If you want to treat me like shit, fine. I'll still surpass you. I'll surpass you out of pure spite instead of respect. I don't need you, and one of these days, I'm going to beat you. I'm going to be the greatest hero this world has ever seen, so enjoy it while you can." She hopped down off the podium and made her way off the field as Tokoyami and Todoroki followed.

Aizawa turned with a smirk as he looked at All Might. "Well you heard the lady. You're time is coming so I would hold onto it while you can because you've just made an enemy. There's no stopping that girl."

She rode the wave of that win for a week. Until life had to kick her in the ass once again. It was as if life was playing with her constantly.

They would be training with six different third years on finding their ultimate moves this week. Four boys and two girls.

Akane was talking to Jirou and Momo about her ultimate move she wanted to try as Mina came bouncing up to them too. They made their way to change as the rest of the girls trailed behind them. The two third year girls were already in there getting changed when one of them, Hana, narrowed her eyes at Akane. "What are you doing in here? This is the girls locker room."

Akane and the others stopped. The other third year, Mai, gave Hana a look. "Hey, be nice to her. She's a girl just like us."

Hana sneered at her, "He's not a girl. He needs to go change in a closet or somewhere. Away from actual girls. Pervert."

Jirou, Mina, Momo and even Ochako and Tsu jumped in to defend Akane.

"Don't you talk about Akane like that." Jirou was furious.

"Yeah, who gave you the right to talk to others that way?" Mina was leaking acid from her fingers.

Akane just tried to ignore the older girl and get dressed into her hero costume when once again, her pants were ripped away from her but this time she was cornered and couldn't cover herself. Hana snarled at her. "What? Are you embarrassed now?"

Akane didn't know what to do. She was cornered and exposed. She could easily flatten this bitch but she didn't want to get in trouble for fighting or actually hurt someone. Plus if she was being honest, she was just embarrassed and humiliated and it clammed her up. She was petrified to be cornered like this. Her body wouldn't move.
She just wanted to get changed.

"Just leave me the fuck alone. Why can't you just let me get changed." He palms were starting to spark and crackle. If only she could get her body to function and move.

Jirou tried to push Hana away but the older girl lit up her arms, flames kept Jirou and the others back. "Hana! What are you doing? She's just trying to get changed!"

"He's a freak, and I'm going to show him that he's nothing more than a disturbed boy in drag." Mina went to push Hana away this time but she was pushed away by the older girls flames.

Akane was petrified, why couldn't she just blast this girl away? Why did she feel the need to cry? She was always a badass, always held her own. She didn't understand why she just couldn't do anything.

It was like it was finally too much. All of it was just too much. She just wanted to go home. She just wanted to hide away. She was ashamed to say it but she was scared. She wanted to give up.

Tears were streaming down her face before she could stop them. "Just leave me alone."

It was Ochako who was finally able to get to Hana, she used her quirk and floated the other girl away. Jirou was instantly holding Akane in a tight embrace. "I've got you Akane. I've got you. Let's get you dressed, okay?"

Akane nodded and separated herself from Jirou, still crying, she slipped her skirt back on. "I'm going home."

She took a few days off school after that day. She hated herself for it but she needed it after that day in the locker room or she was going to end up leaving Yuuei. She hadn't missed a full day of school, let alone a few, in a decade but she needed it. It was getting to be too much. She wanted to be a hero. She wanted nothing more than that, so she had to take a break or she would break herself.

Her mom had threatened to go find "that Hana bitch" and beat her ass which made Akane smile for the first time that day.

Kiri had been there to check on her or he called her every day. He took notes for her and collected all her homework. He would bring her the homework and some of his shirts and her favorite energy drinks. One day the girls came with him and between the three girls and her mom and Akira, she couldn't even kiss him without one or more of them all cooing at the two of them.

It was Wednesday night and Akane padded through her kitchen in one of his shirts. She put some water on the stove for some tea. She had finished all of the homework he had brought her that day because she was going back to school tomorrow. She was nervous and admittingly scared.

Her phone started to ring out a familiar song as she waited on her water to boil. She didn't even have to look at it, it was a from Kiri. "Hey, hun. Everything is going to be okay. I'll be right beside you. For every step." She loved that big adorable idiot.

Holy shit. She loved him. She really did. He made her heart race whenever they touched. She constantly wanted to be near him. She felt safe and so secure with him. He was honestly one of the best things to ever happen to her. She did. She loved him, and soon she would tell him and hopefully he loved her too.

She took a picture of herself in his shirt and sent it to him along with a message. "Thank you baby. I'm ready to go back tomorrow. I'm glad I have you." She smiled, she knew how much he loved when she called him baby. The big freaking teddy bear.

Akane fixed her tea and smiled to herself. She could do this. She could deal with everything, she had too. She wasn't ready to quit, she couldn't quit. She was going to be a hero. She was a fucking Bakugou. She was Akane Bakugou.

Chapter 5: Sales pitch


I know this Kamino Ward arc is way different than the original, but I have my reasons and I hope people enjoy it!

Plus, I like love momma Mitsuki! I usually make her a bitch but I really am loving her being a soft and good parent.

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Chapter Text

"I swear if you injured any of my friends, I'll kill every single one of you fuckers." Akane snarled and pulled against her restraints.

The League of Villains all just looked at her. Faces of smugness, intrigue, and pure boredom flitted across some of their faces. The dried out fucker with the hand fetish knelt down in front of her. "I'm sure all of your classmates are unharmed, but they won't be if you don't join us. Plus why fight it? This is what that scum bag All Might believes you will become."

Akane paused for a moment, "What..what are you talking about?"

The dried out bitch continued, "We watched the sports festival of course. We watched the power you hold in your hands, but we also watched All Might turn his back on you. How he treated you, like you were nothing. The whole world watched as your little heart shattered as he walked away from you. Then the world watched as the fire in your eyes burned with spite for that old bastard. Everyone could see it. We could see it."

So that's how they got their information. At least some of it. The sports festival.

Akane sneered at him, "Just because I want to beat All Might doesn't mean I'll be a villain. I'll beat him by being a better hero. I'm not a damn villain. I'm going to be the best hero this world has ever seen. Fuck All Might, and fuck you too."

Dusty bitch continued as if she hadn't even spoke in the first place. "Don't you want to burn that awful school to the ground? Don't you want revenge for everything those snot noses kids and adults have put you through? Your life has been hell hasn't it? Constantly bullied for being different. For being Akane and not Katsuki."

Her head snapped up to look at him, "How do you know that!?"

"How do I know what? How do I know that you were born Katsuki Bakugou? How do I know that you grew up hating being a boy until one day, you finally understood you weren't a boy? How do I know that you've been mistreated most of your life just because you were Akane and not Katsuki? How do I know indeed."

The blood eating broad smiled at her, "We have our ways. People can be so easily bought these days."

The hand fucker continued. "Toga is correct, we do have our ways. We've heard of what they've done to you. What you've went through all your life. Just because people don't see you for the girl you are. The League here though, we accept everyone with open arms. You pledge to The League and we don't care who you are, how you identify, what your quirk is, as long as you support the cause. Just ask Magne, we're her first family that hasn't abused her."

Akane looked over to the tall woman, who nodded in her direction. "Nobody's abused or assaulted me in my sleep here. I'm accepted. Why would I leave?"

"Now what do you say Akane? Join us. Be free of the torment and live the life you deserve. Help us tear this world apart and rebuild it into something beautiful."

It was a great sales pitch. It really was.

- Over three weeks earlier

Akane had been back at school for a week after her few days off for her own well being and mind set, and so far everything had calmed down. She wasn't pushed in the halls. She wasn't assaulted in the locker room. Hana had been expelled for what she did so that also probably helped with keeping people from messing with her too much. Serves the bitch right, all Akane wanted to do was to get changed.

Something wasn't right though and it made her nervous. Something big felt like it was happening in the background and she had no idea what. As if someone was planning something.

She didn't have time to think about it though. It was almost the end of her first year and she had finals coming up and so much else. Plus they were given word today that class 1A and 1B would be going to a summer training camp after school ended.

That alone made her nervous. A training camp with her friends, that sounded awesome. A training camp with over a dozen kids who wanted to bully her out of school, not so awesome. Kiri and the rest of her friends promised they wouldn't leave her side though and she trusted them.

Three weeks passed quickly and before she knew it, she finished and passed all her finals and hero course work. It was the day before they left for camp but right now she was on her bed cuddling with her boyfriend.

Kiri pulled her close to him and he nuzzled into her neck. He have her light kisses down her jaw and then back to her neck again. She mewled softly under his kisses, especially when he used his shark like teeth to nip her in certain spots along her neck.

He found her lips again and kissed her gently. She loved feeling his gentle touches. The soft caresses of her face or when he gripped onto her hips to get her attention, or sometimes when they were getting slightly more intimate, he would pick her up right under her butt and carry her to the bed. He was always so gentle but never in a condescending way.

After a while, they separated and rested their foreheads together and words were tumbling out of their mouths at the same time.

"I love you Eijirou" and "I love you Akane" both tumbled out at the same time. Her cheeks were tinted pink and so were his. She was smiling like an idiot and so was he.

"I love you Akane."

"I love you too Eijirou."

The training camp was going well. She was learning new techniques and it was nice to spend time with the girls, Kiri, and her other friends while also getting to fight the weird stuff in the forest.
Others were leaving her alone but she felt like a lot of that had to do with there constantly being supervision around. It didn't stop the dirty looks and slurs whispered her way when one of them caught her alone, but it was doable.

Something was up though, something still didn't sit right with her. She felt like something was going to happen and it was going to be big. She just didn't know what.

Camp then erupted into chaos as villains attacked. She stayed with Kiri and the girls as much as she could but she was eventually cut off from the rest of them. That's when she was grabbed and yanked back through the shitty purple smoke, as the scarred up fucker held her around the neck.

The last thing she saw was Kiri's panicked eyes staring at her, running as fast as he could to grab her but they were gone before he got close enough. She could still see the image of him reaching out for her as she disappeared through the warp gate.

Seventeen hours after disappearing led her to her exact moment I'm time.

- Current time

It definitely was an interesting sales pitch, too bad she's going to have to decline.

Yes she hated the bullying, and the mocking, and everything. She's tired of hearing slurs thrown her way. She's tired of being pushed down. She's tired of being exposed and cornered in the locker room. She's tired, but she's still a hero.

She's going to be the number one hero one day. She can't beat All Might for the number one position if she's a villain.

Plus she has important people in her life.

Her mom and Akira are the first two to come to her mind.

Then Kiri is the next. His bright smile she loves to see. Then the pure panic in his eyes as she disappeared through the gate. She couldn't leave him.

Jirou, Mina, Momo, and hell, even Ochako and Tsu pop into her mind.

Then there's her favorite teacher, and maybe her new favorite hero. He was at least the hero, even if he was underground, that had the most of her respect.

Then others like Tokoyami, Shouji, Todoroki, Iida, and Sero floated through her mind. Her friends.

She had people who cared about her and she couldn't let them down. Not now.

"I appreciate the offer you dusty fuck, but I'm going to have to decline." The look on his busted ass face was worth the kick to the gut.

Akane couldn't help but cackle a little, adrenaline had been racing through her veins since she was taken, that kick just made it run even faster. "I truly do appreciate it though, and for maybe a split second, just a second, you had me. Part of me wants to burn everything down around me. Make people pay for what they've done to me. I have several people in mind that I would almost pay to see splattered against the ground...but that's not the way I'm going to do it. I'm going to be a hero and I'm going to show everyone, and I mean everyone how good I am. How amazing of a hero I am. Then I'm leaving those laugh at me in the damn dust. They're not worth my time anyway."

Her speech was met with another kick from the hand fetish bastard. She couldn't help but laugh again. This adrenaline high was something else. "Come on you crusty fuck. You hit softer than those bastards in my old middle school. In other words, you hit like a bitch."

He hit her again, and again, and again until she stopped laughing. She tried to laugh but it hurt too much at that point. He grabbed her hair and pulled her gaze up to meet his, "Just know, this is your fault. You'll join us whether you like it or not. Someone special wants to meet you soon." He turned towards the Magne bitch. "Crush one of her hands. She's still more powerful than most heroes with one hand. That's all she needs."

Magne paused, "Boss, I.."

The door exploded inward and everything went sideways. Heroes poured in and in all of the chaos, the hero Edgeshot released her and told her to head outside and that some of her friends were out there. They had shown up to save her but the pros found them and made the wait outside. Her friends? Was Kiri here? They came for her?

She made her way out the door, dodging blue flames and curses and she could finally see across the street. Across the street waiting for her was Kiri, Iida, Todoroki, Jirou, and Momo. She booked it across the street and threw herself into Kiri. "I've got you Akane. You're safe now. You're safe but we got to move. The pros set up an extraction point."

The six of them ran for it. They ran toward the extraction point. Kiri holding onto her hand the entire way.

How tired and exhausted she was didn't hit until the adrenaline finally went away when she was being driven to a hospital to be checked over. That's when everything set in. How crazy everything had been. She hadn't slept in almost thirty hours at this point, so when Kiri told her to lay her head on his shoulder and sleep until they got to the hospital, she listened.

She was just about to drift off when she felt him kiss the top of her head and whispered to her, thinking she was already asleep, "I promise I will never let them bastards take you again. I promise. I love you Akane."

The tears from all of them would eventually come. Every one of her friends and loved ones dealt with her finally being home differently. They cried tears of relief at different times. Akane herself finally broke down a few days after being home, she broke down and let herself break from everything she experienced. She let her mom hold her as she cried. She also cried because even after all of this, there was still uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. Why wouldn't it go away? If it wasn't because of The League, then what was it?

Several weeks later, Aizawa Sensei arrived at her door. She knew he was coming but she still didn't know why. She had been on a strict house arrest for her own safety. She had been told All Might would be accompaning Aizawa Sensei. She wasn't disappointed he didn't show up. Bitch.

"I see All Might didn't show or did he just not show because it's my house?" Akane wasn't upset, she was just curious.

Aizawa Sensei sighed, "He decided to spend more time with the Midoriya's. Well with Izuku. Miss Midoriya was not happy with his intrusion because her son was still in trouble." Aizawa Sensei smirked at the end of his sentence and so did Akane.

Once aunty Inko found out the truth of what her son had been doing and how he was treating her. She was furious and she didn't hold back. It had been months but Deku was still on a tight leash. The shitty Deku deserved it but it also made her nervous. When her looked at her, she could see something forming behind his eyes.

The good part was that aunty Inko came to see her at least once a month now, so that was a positive.

It turned out that the school wanted to move all of the kids into dorms, and that all of class 1A would have their own dorm building, Heights Alliance. Every class would have their own different dorm building.

"I know you two may be hesitant, and it's completely understandable." Aizawa looked at her and gave her a strained smile. He felt like her failed her. She knew because he told her so, but she didn't blame him for anything.

It was just her and her mom, Akira was at work. Mitsuki scoffed, "Yeah, I am a little hesitant. I'm hesitant to have the school watch my Akane when they just let her get kidnapped. I'm hesitant because she's going to be forced into a dorm building with half a class of kids who make it their daily mission to see if they can bully her out of school. So yeah, I'm a little hesitant to let my little girl go away with the school again."

Aizawa Sensei nodded, "I understand miss Bakugou. Unfortunately if you don't agree and sign the papers, Akane will have to be pulled out of the hero course. I know none of us here want that to happen. It's not my decision, I assure you."

Akane looked up at her mom. She couldn't leave the hero course and her mom already knew it. Mitsuki sighed, "I will sign these papers, only if you promise to keep an eye out for her. I know she's tough but she's not invincible like everyone thinks. Promise to take care of my baby girl."

Aizawa Sensei nodded, looking her mom directly in the eyes as he spoke. "I promise." His eyes then drifted to her. "Is this what you want Akane. I've already planned out the dorms and the placement of the students."

Akane was nervous. Leaving the hero course wasn't an option so she'd have to move into the dorms. She was just worried about being cornered. Midoriya, Mineta. They'd be there. Others would be there.

She took a deep breath, she wasn't letting them get in the way. She wasn't. "What do you have planned?"

He gave her a small smile. "If all of their parents agree as well. You'll all be on the third floor. You'll be on the same floor as Jirou, Mina, Kirishima, Todoroki, and Shouji. You will be at one end of the hallway and Jirou will have the room right next to yours. Plus I will be in a small apartment right next to class 1A's dorm building."

That actually sounded pretty nice. At least she was sharing a floor with her friends. A floor with Kiri. Just having him close put her whole mind at ease.

Akane gave her teacher a small appreciative smile and then she turned and nodded at her mom. They watched as her mom signed the papers saying she would move in to the dorms at the start of the new school year in two weeks time.

It was two weeks later when her mom pulled up outside of the dorms. Her mom and Akira drove her to help move her in and to spend just a little more time with her. Kiri was there to meet her as they pulled up. Him and his moms had already moved him in this morning.

Kiri ran up to them and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. He then turned to her mom and Akira. "Hi Mrs. and Mrs. Bakugou."

Akane was about to correct him, because he sometimes forgot his mom and Akira weren't married, but her mom's blush caught her eye. Interesting and adorable.

Kiri and Akira were carrying boxes ahead of them, chatting away as Akane walked with her mom behind them. "Mrs. and Mrs. Bakugou huh?"

Akane giggled as her mom shot her a look. Akane continued, "It was cute."

Mitsuki hip checked her daughter, but did it soft enough to make sure no boxes were dropped. "Keep it up and I'll tell Kirishima you happy cried over the six month anniversary stuffed bear he got you last week."

Akane stuck her tongue out at her mom, "Rude." They continued up the stairs as Akane turned to look at her mom again, "Seriously though, you and Akira should do it. Have a wife that you're happy to see when you get home, and vice versa."

Mitsuki sighed but smiled, "We've been talking about it. We were going to talk with you first but I see what you already feel like. You'd be happy with your mom getting married again?"

Akane completely stopped and so did her mom. "Momma, you deserve to be happy. I love Akira and it's easy to see you really love her too, and she loves you! She's so in love with you. I just want to see you happy."

Mitsuki smiled at her daughter, "Thank you, my little Akane."

Akane was swormed when she reached her floor. Jirou helped take boxes from her and gave her a smile. "Hey girl. I've missed you."

"Hey Jirou, I've missed you too. All of you." Akane smiled and that's when Mina and Momo came running up to greet her too. Then they were met by Todoroki, Iida, and Shouji.


Mitsuki looked out to see several kids she had heard about, but hadn't met yet greeting her daughter. She stood back and watched her daughter smile as Kirishima had his arm slung over her shoulders. She watched her daughter laugh and slightly shove the pink skinned girl Mina. The others laughed as well.

Her daughter had found her stride. Mitsuki knew no matter what the world threw at Akane, she knew her daughter could handle it. She hated seeing everything her daughter had to go through, but she was so proud of how she handled it all.

Her little Akane wasn't so little anymore, and she was going to grow up and be one hell of a hero. The best hero this world had ever seen to be exact.

Chapter 6: Parents day


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Chapter Text

Akane had been living at the new dorms for a little over two weeks now. Everything had been calm so far and it was actually kind of nice. She had Kiri or one of her other friends around her most of the time so she was mainly left alone by those who wanted to mess with her.

Like now for instance, she was curled up on on of the couches, snuggled down in one of Kiri's hoodies and reading a book. She was content and she had one of her friends with her. Shouji sat in on of the chairs across the room reading a book as well.

This is how they got along together.. quietly. The both of them just enjoyed the quiet reading time they had together, when they had it.

Shouji was also good at being intimidating. The nasty little grape pervert tried to come up to her while she was reading and all it took was Shouji standing up and the little purple shithead was gone.

Akane didn't have to use words to say thanks with Shouji. He nodded at her as he sat back down and she smiled and nodded back.

She didn't need protecting, but she appreciated their efforts, and letting them help kept her out of trouble. She wasn't one for using words, she was more of someone who used explosions to solve her problems. Too many explosions was also a sure fire way of getting in trouble though and she didn't want to mess with her record here. She didn't want this to be middle school again.

Akane hated to admit it though, as much as the dorms where nice and living with her friends was pretty cool, she missed her mom and Akira. She was a momma's girl, what of it?

Two weeks was the longest she had been without her mom around, and it was just different. She missed her own room, she missed her house, she missed Akira, and she missed her mom.

So when Aizawa Sensei announced they would be having a parents day the next week, she was pretty excited. He had said it was a way to show the parents that the dorms were safe and a way to get rid of any homesickness that had set in.

Akane hid her excitement of course but Kiri could always tell. He knew her too well.

He slung an arm around her and pulled her close as they walked back to the dorms after their final class of the day. She leaned into him as they walked and he began talking, "I'm excited about parents day, aren't you?" The knowing smile on his face told her he already knew the answer.

She pushed her glasses back up on her face as they walked, and she smiled up at him though. "I am. I miss my mom."

He cooed at her and she swatted at his shoulder. He flashed a shark toothed grin at her which always made her melt. "It's cute Akane. It's okay to be a momma's girl. I'm a momma's boy so I can't judge. Plus all of our friends like love your mom and Akira."

She smiled as she swatted at him again, which he easily dodged. "Shut your trap shark face." There wasn't a trace of malice behind her words.

He was also right, her mom and Akira were pretty well liked, and had somehow become like group moms over their friend group.

Kiri smiled at her as he bumped her hip, "My moms are excited to see you again too. They've missed you and miss embarrassing me in front of you."

"I'm looking forward to seeing Mai and Sakura again too. Your mom's are cooler than you are Kiri."

Kiri put his hands up in mock surrender, "That's fair, I won't argue."

He then wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close once more, she stood on her tippy toes to kiss him. He had grown another two inches and she hadn't. She didn't really mind because she loved their height dynamics. "I love you and your stupid shark face."

A throat clearing behind them startled them apart. Kiri looked at his feet with pink tinted cheeks and Akane clutched her books to her chest, staring at whoever interupted them. Her cheeks weren't totally pink too.

Iida have them a small smile, "I must ask that you refrain from blocking the entrance to the dorm building. It is a safety hazard. Plus, PDA should be kept to a minimum, you two know this."

Iida then let his class president voice falter before he just grinned as their friend, "There was also a package waiting for you in our mail pile this morning. I think it is from your mother."

Akane smiled as she took the box, "Thanks Iida."

The three of them walked in to Heights Alliance together, completely missing a pair of green eyes staring at them and the blonde boy standing next to those eyes.

Later that night, in her room, Akane opened her box from her mom. It was a care package of sorts. It included her favorite snacks, one of Kiri's hoodies she had left behind, and in the very bottom was the beautiful dress she had asked her mom to make for parents day.

The dress was mainly white and had oranges and tangerines on it. It matched perfectly with the one she had her mom make when she was just seven years old. Her first dress.

Akane smiled as she ran her fingers over the dress, it was even softer than the previous one and she smiled. She couldn't wait to wear this dress. It was special to her in so many ways.

She grabbed her phone and messaged her mom. "Got the package. The dress is perfect. Thanks momma."

Parents day was a week later.

Akane stood in her room as she slipped on her dress. It was a perfect match from the one she had when she was seven. This one flowed to her knees just like that one had. It twirled around her just like that one did. She felt just as giddy as she did back when she first got that dress all those years ago.

She smiled in the mirror as she now matched the dress with a white pair of flats and she had painted her fingernails a bright orange. She felt incredible. She felt so pretty.

She had just finished with her eyeliner when there was a knock on the door, it was Kiri. "Akane! Parents are about to show up and I haven't even gotten to see this special dress yet."

Akane playfully rolled her eyes as she opened the door. Kiri was wearing a nice red button up with black slacks and black dress shoes. He was handsome.

Akane watched as he looked her up and down, a gentle smile on his face. "Beautiful."

She blushed at his simple praise and blushed further as he continued. "That dress looks really good on you Akane. Orange really suits you."

Tucking a strand behind her ear and shutting her door, she smiled as they walked together. "Thank you Kiri."

The two of them made their way downstairs to meet with the others before all of the parents got there. Akane smiled at her group of friends and found a peculiar sight. Jirou was holding hands with Momo. "About time you two figured your shit out."

Momo blushed and Jirou stuck out her tongue as the others snickered and cooed at her and Momo. "Shut it Akane."

Akane playfully rolled her eyes as she snorted. "You all have teased Kiri and me for like nine months now. It's totally your turn."

Kiri smirked as he slid his arm around her waist, "Akane's right. Totally your guy's turn."

The teasing continued as Akane let her eyes linger around the room. She ended up locking eyes with Deku. She watched as he eyed her dress and his look turned even colder. She held his gaze until he looked away. Akane didn't like the feeling in her stomach after Deku had looked away. Something didn't sit right with her, but Aizawa Sensei arrived followed by groups of parents, so she was forced to shove the uneasy feeling into the back of her head.

Her mom and Akira found her quickly, and right behind them was Kiri's moms.

Akane took the time to meet the other parents of her closer friends. She met Mina's, Jirou's, Momo's, Sero's, and Iida's parents for the first time.

Todoroki was showered with affection from Sero's parents. The two of them, Sero and Todoroki, had been dating for a few months and Sero's mom and dad instantly loved Todoroki and made sure he always felt loved, especially on days like today.

After a while, Akira pulled Akane off to the side when Mitsuki was busy talking to Kiri and his moms. Akira smiled at Akane, "I have something really important to ask you Akane."

Akane watched as Akira pulled a small box out of her coat pocket. Akira made sure Mitsuki was still distracted before opening the box and showing Akane the ring inside. "I want to marry your mom, but I wanted to ask for your blessing Akane. I love you and your mom. I want to give her the world. I want nothing more than to come home everyday and call her my wife. I love her Akane and I want to propose to her tonight."

Akane smiled as her and Akira took a second to look over to a smiling Mitsuki. "Of course I want you to marry my mom. You're awesome and you'll be an amazing step mom. You'll also be an amazing wife. You and my mom deserve to be happy and that's all I want. She deserves it."

Akira smiled as she slipped the box back in her pocket. "Then I would look forward to a call from your mom tonight then. Hopefully she says yes."

"She'll say yes. She loves you. Like a almost sickenly sweet amount." Akane snorted as she watched her mom and Kiri's moms embarrass her boyfriend by just complimenting his outfit. Kiri couldn't handle compliments, he blushed red like his freaking hair everytime.

Akira rolled her eyes, "Like you and Kiri over there aren't sugary sweet together. It's almost nauseating."

Akane couldn't help but cackle, the woman's humor was one of the reasons she loved Akira.

Akira looked over at Deku and aunty Inko, "Has anyone caused you any problems these last few weeks? Especially that green haired little asshole."

"Not yet anyway. My friends are usually with me in the dorms so nobody messes with me. So far the dorms have been nice. Has mom been worried?" Akane loved Akira's protective nature.

Akira nodded, "We both have, but especially your mom. She's threatened to come kick everyone's asses like a dozen different times just because."

Akane couldn't help but smile at her mom's protective nature as well.

"What are you two talking about over here?" The two of them looked to see Mitsuki smile as she made her way over to them.

"I was just telling Akane how you've been in protective momma mode since she's left for the dorms." Akira sent a hidden wink in Akane's direction.

Mitsuki put a hand on her hip, "I can't help it. I want my little girl taken care of."

Akane hugged her mom, "I'm okay momma. I've honestly just missed you and Akira."

Mitsuki wrapped her arms around her daughter in a protective manner. "We've missed you too honey. It's not the same without hearing the little explosions outside while you train, or you and your friends laughing while you did your homework. I'll be fine as long as you're taken care of here. Are you?"

Akane nodded, "It's pretty nice here. Aizawa Sensei makes sure we're taken care of and my friends are always around. It's been going well so far."

Mitsuki ruffled her daughters hair, "Good. I'll kick someone's ass if not."

"Akane, that dress is so pretty on you!" Aunty Inko made her way over and hugged her. Akane couldn't help but smile at her aunty.

She twirled just slightly, just enough to make the dress swish along her legs. "Thanks aunty. Momma made it for me."

Aunty Inko smiled, "You look so beautiful dear. It looks just like the dress you had when you were little."

Aunty's smile then faltered a little, "Has my Izuku been leaving you alone? He better be."

Akane felt her mom tense at the mention of Izuku. Akane nodded, "He has aunty. Thank you for asking." She left out the bad feeling she had in the pit of her stomach. There was no need to work everyone up for just a bad feeling.

Parents day ended a couple hours later. Parents started with their goodbyes and Akane hugged Akira and her mom. "I'm going to miss you momma. I'll come home one weekend here soon. Okay?"

Mitsuki hid her face to wipe away a tear that had traveled down her cheek, "I'm going to miss you too honey. I'm taking that as a promise. I want to see you come home soon for a visit."

Akane nodded and smiled toward Akira and waved to her and her mom as they walked out with Kiri's moms as well. Kiri came up and slipped his arm around her waist, kissing the side of her head. "It's been a good day. Feel better after getting to see your mom?"

She nodded. "Same for you?"

Kiri nodded, "Yeah. They made me promise that we would come and see them when we could."

Akane smiled. "My mom did too. Akira also asked if she could have permission to propose to my mom. She's going to ask tonight."

Kiri smiled at her, "That's awesome! I'm happy for your mom. She deserves it."

She smiled and nodded, "She really does."


Aizawa trudged his way into his classroom a few minutes before the final bell would ring to signal the start of class. Iida was trying to quiet everyone down, which was normal. Denki was two seconds from short circuiting, which was normal. Kirishima was fuming and looked like he was ready to fight someone, that wasn't normal. Jirou and Mina were also extremely upset, which wasn't normal. Momo and Akane weren't in the classroom yet, which also wasn't normal. Something had happened.

He looked toward the usual suspects but Midoriya nor Mineta gave anything away from their facial features. Midoriya was mumbling into a notebook and Mineta was being smacked by Sero for something or another.

Aizawa waited for the bell to ring and then called on Kirishima. "Kirishima. Do you know where Akane and Momo are?"

Kirishima angerly huffed and stared daggers into Midoriya's back. If looks could kill. "Somebody decided to replace all of Akane's uniforms with the boys uniforms. When her and I came back from our morning run, her door was slightly open and it was apparent someone had been in her room. Her uniforms were switched and her dress she just wore for parents day is missing too. We looked but couldn't find them so Momo stayed with her so she could create a girl's uniform for her."

Jirou crossed her arms, "Whoever did it, it's not funny and she's really upset, so I guess you did what you set out to do."

Mina flicked her gaze from Mineta to Midoriya, "She's more upset her dress missing. That dress is important to her. Whoever did it must have known that."

Just then, Momo and Akane made their way into the class. Momo stopped by his desk, "I'm sorry we're late Sensei."

Aizawa waved his hand, "It is fine Momo. You were helping another student. I've been filled in on the situation. Thank you."

He then watched as a determined Akane stared down Midoriya. "Whoever did it, I don't care. I just want my dress back. That dress is important to me."

Midoriya met her gaze. He stayed silent but there was a defiant smirk on his face. It made Aizawa's blood boil. The only reason this kid was still enrolled was because of All Might. That wouldn't save him forever and Aizawa would make sure of that.

It took a mandatory dorm inspection to find the uniforms and dress. They were found in Mineta's room. Which honestly wasn't a surprise, but with how he reacted, It seemed like he was surprised they were found in his room. Genuinely surprise. Aizawa had a feeling they were dumped there by someone else but it was still enough of a reason to expel him.

Mineta's expulsion easily made the girls in class feel more at ease and that was enough reason for Aizawa anyway.

Aizawa decided to keep a closer eye on Midoriya though. There was something brewing behind those green eyes. He didn't like when the kid looked at Akane. There was malicious intent there so Aizawa would do his best to prevent whatever was coming her way. That girl deserved to have a teacher and a hero in her corner.

Chapter 7: Invisible doesn't mean invincible


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Chapter Text

Akane came flying out of her room and flew down the stairs to the common room, she spotted Kiri as he was standing in the kitchen talking to Jirou and Mina. She happily ran up to him, "Kiri!" She gave him a total of two seconds to prepare to catch her before she threw herself into his embrace.

He prepared to catch her, and when he did he swung her around in a hug. As he sat her down he smiled at her, "What's up sweetheart? You seem excited."

Akane happily smiled once she was back on the ground, she was bouncing like a giddy schoolgirl. Which she technically was. "I just got off the phone with my mom. My doctor finally called her and said since I'm almost seventeen and I've been on blockers for years, that I can finally start taking estrogen! It's finally time!"

The smile that split Kiri's face was almost blinding. He pulled her close so he could kiss her. "Hell yes! I'm so happy for you! When do you get to actually start?"

The excited and happy squeals from Mina brought in a larger crowd that had been in the common room into the kitchen.

"I go to see my doctor in three weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to start on that day. I'm so damn ready!" Akane was honestly having a hard time controlling her excitement.

Jirou and Mina were giving her hugs, as did Momo when she fully entered the room. Todoroki tilted his head, "Akane, if you don't mind me asking, why is this such a large milestone? I know some things but not a lot."

Akane sent a small smile his way, "Estrogen in like the first big step medically. I'll continue to take blockers but now I'll add estrogen. It will help make my body more feminine. My skin will get softer, the hair on my body will be less dense. Some of my bone structure will even change. Plus a lot of other things. I was lucky to be born with androgenous features that let me pass ninety percent of the time, but estrogen will take it even further. Plus it just makes me feel better. This is the first step and after a few years, hopefully the surgeries will come next."

"Surgeries? You have to have surgeries?" Iida was standing by Todoroki. "If you don't mind answering that is. Like Todoroki, I'm not well versed on the topic but I would also like to learn."

"I don't mind answering questions for people who want to learn. Thanks Iida." She sent a smile his way too. "I don't have to have any, and some trans people don't but I want to. It will make me more comfortable. I plan on having two different surgeries. There are more but I'm only focusing on two. Top and bottom surgery. Top surgery is basically breast implants and bottom surgery is, well, they take what I have and maneuver it and they give me the right parts."

The boys around her grimaced and she smirked. Sero gave her a fist bumb. "Girl, you are crazy strong for having to go through all of that one day, plus the shit you've already gone through. Holy hell."

Kiri snaked an arm around her waist and brought her in close to him, "I say we get take out tonight as a celebration." He looked at Akane, "Maybe we can try that new curry place you've wanted to try. My treat."

"That sounds like a lovely idea. I'll help you split the bill Kirishima." Iida was counting students off on his fingers, trying to get a total.

Momo stepped forward with a smile, "I would also like to help to. Take out sounds lovely."

Akane smiled up at her boyfriend, "That sounds great. Thank you. Plus thank you Iida and you too Momo."

Someone cleared their throat behind them. Monoma. He wasn't there just a minute prior but he was now. "You think all that will make you into a real woman. You're just playing dress up. No matter what you do, it will all be just dress up."

As Monoma was standing in front of them, an a actual growl started low in Kiri's throat. Akane grabbed his hand to calm him down. She then looked at the stupid copy cat asshole, "It doesn't matter what you say fucker. I know I'm a real woman. Kiri knows I'm a woman. My friends know. That's all that matters. You sure and the hell don't matter to me."

Iida pushed his glasses up on his face, "What is your business here in our dorm Monoma? You aren't going to just come in here and harass one of our classmates. State your business."

Monoma laughed, "Calm down. I'm here to see Midoriya. He's my business partner."

Jirou had subconsciously stepped in front of Akane to protect her if needed. "What do you mean business partner? Get out of our dorms."

"My business is my business little girl." With that, he jogged his way up the stairs.

Once he was gone, Kirishima finally stopped growling. "Fucking asshole. I hate him, and I don't trust him and Midoriya together."

They all agreed on that. They also agreed to keep an extra eye out for any reason that Monoma would have to be slinking around their dorms. Shouji nodded towards Akane, "I don't trust them. I'm going to go make sure they stay off of our floor."

Akane nodded at him, "Thanks Shouji."


Monoma made his way to Midoriya's room, knocked, and let himself in. He sat down in the green haired teen's desk chair. "Now do I have some news for you. Guess what I heard when I walked in?"

Midoriya let a smug smirk come to his face as he sat his homework aside. "What do you got?"


A little over three weeks later and Akane came happily skipping into the dorm building with Kiri right beside her. Jirou looked up from the couch, "Were you able to finally start today?"

Akane smiled brightly as she slid her glasses back up on her face before shaking a bag at the occupants of the common room. "I did! I took my first dose at the doctors office with my mom and Kiri!"

There was a cheer that came from the group of girls and some of the boys that were down there.

Mina came up and wrapped her in an embrace. "I'm so happy for you girl! This is amazing!"

Jirou and Momo were next in line to wrap her in tight hugs. Jirou leaned into Momo while she smiled, "We're truly happy for you Akane. We really are."

Akane smiled, "Thanks everybody. I appreciate it. Kiri and I are going out tonight to celebrate."

Mina wiggled her eyebrows as Akane leaned into Kiri and he wrapped an arm around her. "I bet you are."

Akane felt her face heat up and she knew Kiri's was too, "Shut up Pinky."

The teasing continued as he pulled her close to press a kiss to her temple. She looked up at him with a bright smile and stood in her tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips.

The girls cooed at her and teased her, and they could do that all the wanted. She was the one with the amazing boyfriend.

It took exactly one week for Akane to go from feeling like the was walking on air and feeling incredible, to feeling like her world was crumbling to pieces.

She had waited so long to be put on estrogen and someone snuck in her room and destroyed her months supply.

Kiri and her found the remnants of the broken bottle and all of her needles and syringes had been snapped.

Jirou ended up finding her a few minutes later while she sat slumped against the wall. "Akane? Hey, what's wrong?"

Akane couldn't even bring her eyes off the floor. She roughly wiped at her face. "Someone destroyed my months supply of estrogen. It's just gone. Destroyed." Akane ran a hand through her hair and sighed, tears dripping down her cheeks. "I honestly don't know what to do anymore Jirou. I've never quit anything before but I'm seriously thinking about transferring to Shiketsu with Camie. I'd hate to leave everyone but I don't know how much more I can take."

Jirou grabbed her hand, "You can't leave Yuuei Akane. This is your dream school. This is your dream. We will.. we will figure out who did this. We need to get Aizawa Sensei and call your doctor."

Akane gave her friend a small sad smile. "Kiri already went to get Aizawa Sensei. He thundered down the stairs earlier, I'm surprised nobody heard him. He's very protective over me. He loves me and wants the best for me. I know it would kill us both if I transferred."

"I didn't call my doctor but I called my mom. I told her the situation and to see if she can explain to the doctor so I can get another months supply. I wouldn't be surprised if she shows up here trying to kick someone's ass. My mom's pretty protective too."

Jirou squeezed her hand, "They're both just tired of people treating you like this. We all are and we want to do more for you. We don't want to see you transfer to Shiketsu, we want to see you thrive here. We want you to be able to be yourself here and be happy. None of us are going stop until you're able to happily be yourself here."

Akane gave her another small smile, "I'm just tired Jirou. I just want to be happy, and feel safe. I didn't know that was so much to ask for."

Soon after, Aizawa Sensei and a still very angry Kiri showed up. Kiri pulled her into his side and kissed the top of her head. "We're going to figure this out Akane. I promise."

A small group soon crowded in the hallway as Aizawa Sensei looked around to see if there was any clues to who may have done it. They broke through her locks just to get into her room and they did it during school hours.

Tooru stepped forward as Aizawa Sensei was about done with his investigating. "I don't know if it means anything but the creepy guy from 2B, Monoma, he touched my arm during lunch today for absolutely no reason. He's done it a few times now and every time something bad happens to Akane. His quirk is to copy other's quirks for a short period of time right?"

Aizawa nodded. "I will check to see if he missed any of his classes today or in the past. I know he has a history with trying to instigate things with Kirishima and Akane. Doesn't he?"

Akane nodded and so did Kiri.

Momo stepped forward, "He has been hanging around here recently too. He says he hangs out with Midoriya but he has been around the dorms a lot more. He could of had plenty of opportunity to find Akane's room." Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Aizawa Sensei's eyes flared red just momentarily. "I'll make sure to keep an even closer eye on him then. I'll talk to Vlad King and see if he knows anything. Meanwhile, Akane. Recovery Girl can help you until your doctor gets you a new supply. She has some bottles of estrogen on hand, she just can't give them out without a doctor's permission which you already have. You and Kirishima head that way when you're ready."

Akane smiled at her teacher as she squeezed Kiri's hand, "Thank you Sensei."

Monoma approached Akane, Kiri, and Jirou several days later when they were on their way to lunch. "Katsuki, I'm sorry to hear someone broke in your room and destroyed your precious estrogen. I can't believe someone would do that. Might want to check on that invisible girl in your class."

Akane met him head on, "First of all, it's Akane. You twit. Second, you heard about that did you? Third, it wasn't Tooru and you know it."

"I did hear about it. It's such a shame. Maybe you need to keep better locks on your doors. Well we both know she doesn't like you. She was the one who exposed you to everyone, right? If you think about it, this all goes back to her." He spoke with such smugness that it was difficult for Akane to even keep talking to the creep.

"Tooru made her mistake. She's apologized for it. Am I still a little mad, yes. Do I blame her for everything that's happened to me? No. Mineta, you, and Midoriya are the ones who have been trying to make my life hell so that I would eventually have enough to just leave Yuuei." Just keep him talking Akane. "It's been you hasn't it? Using Tooru's quirk to mess with me?"

Monoma smirked at her, "Now whatever do you mean?"

Akane clenched her fist, "You've been using Tooru's quirk to seem invisible, and you've been pushing me down. You've been the one writing on my locker and the one who tore up my hero costume. You're the one who stole my uniforms and my dress. You're the one who destroyed my bottle of estrogen and my syringes. It's been you!"

He stepped closer to her and Akane had to hold Kiri back from stepping forward. "You're almost correct. Someone paid me to do those things, a nice amount too. Except the estrogen, that wasn't me. I wish it had been but that wasn't me. They took care of that themselves."

He stepped even closer to her and she stepped closer too. He continued, "You're nothing but a wannabe woman. You're a boy playing dress up. You're a mistake. You don't deserve to be in the school, let alone the top of your stupid class. We won't stop until you're gone." He ended his rant by smacking her glasses off her face.

Akane had to physically hold Kiri back after that. She wanted nothing more than to let her boyfriend go at the little creep but she couldn't.

She finally got Kiri to calm down and she picked up her glasses and slid them back on her face. She turned towards Jirou with a smile. "You get all that Jirou."

Jirou waved her phone, "Yep!" She made sure to pop the P for emphasis.

Monoma paled, "What do you mean?"

Akane, Kiri, and Jirou all smiled at each other. Akane leaned into Kiri, "Well Monoma, you just confessed one a Livestream right to Aizawa Sensei, Vlad King, and the principal. You can never resist bragging when you think you've beat someone or won something, can you?"

Several moments later, Aizawa stepped around the corner, eyes glowing. "Monoma, a word. Follow me."

They would find out the next day during lunch that Monoma had been expelled for unneeded use of his quirk, bullying, harassment, and property destruction.

Kiri squeezed Akane's hand as they waited in line for lunch. Jirou was next to them as she told them about Monoma. "Kendou is happy to not have to deal with him anymore. She also apologized for not always knowing where Monoma went. She felt like she was responsible for losing track of him."

Akane shook her head, "I'll have to talk to her. It's not her fault, none of it is. She's not his handler and he was his own person. He decided to do what he did. Hopefully everything will be a little easier now because I literally just want to get through school and be a hero. The best hero this world has seen. I'm tired of being bullied. I just want to get through.."

As she walked, she was shoved to the ground mid sentence. She barely caught herself and was already up until she was kicked. The sound of lightening crackling and the sight of red shoes told her who had attacked her. Kiri was right by her side helping her up as they turned around to find Midoriya staring at them.

Akane snarled at him, "Shitty Deku!"

She was tired of running. She was tired of being bullied. She was tired of dreading getting up every single day just to deal with people treating her like shit. It was time to put an end to it all.

She wasn't leaving Yuuei. She wasn't leaving her teachers. She wasn't leaving her friends. She wasn't leaving Kiri. She wasn't quitting.

Akane popped a few explosions in her hand as she squared up with the shitty Deku. "Die you bastard!"

Chapter 8: Enough


I hope everyone likes this chapter! Akane has had enough and hopefully it will be looking up for her from here on out. She deserves some fluff!

Akane Vs All Might will be happening in the next chapter or the one after!

Chapter Text

I'm tired of being bullied. I just want to get through.."

As she walked, she was shoved to the ground mid sentence. She barely caught herself and was already up until she was kicked. The sound of lightening crackling and the sight of red shoes told her who had attacked her. Kiri was right by her side helping her up as they turned around to find Midoriya staring at them.

Akane snarled at him, "Shitty Deku!"

She was tired of running. She was tired of being bullied. She was tired of dreading getting up every single day just to deal with people treating her like shit. It was time to put an end to it all.

She wasn't leaving Yuuei. She wasn't leaving her teachers. She wasn't leaving her friends. She wasn't leaving Kiri. She wasn't quitting.

Akane popped a few explosions in her hand as she squared up with the shitty Deku. "Die you bastard!"


Kiri tried to step between them and so did Jirou but Akane held her hand up. "I've got this. This shitty Deku is mine. I'm tired of this. I'm so so tired."

Akane snarled at Deku who actually snarled back at her. "Why are you still here? You can't be a hero Kacchan! You can't be a hero with how you are. You're just sick and confused!"

Akane popped a few explosions in her hand, "Stop calling me that! My name is Akane and I'm a girl damnit! I'm not confused and I'm not sick and I'm going to be a real hero. A hero who doesn't discriminate. A better hero than All Might. I'm going to be a hero like Aizawa and I'm going to be number one!"

Akane stabilized her footing, waiting for the nerd's first move. "I'm going to be a hero and I'm going to do it being myself. Even with your new fancy quirk and even with how you got it, I'll beat you and All Might because I'm just better. I'm a real hero."

Deku powered up through his legs, pink lightning flowing through him. "You're not a girl. You're a mistake! You're weak!" Deku launched at her first and she dove to the side. Avoiding a full cowling kick at twenty percent. He really wanted to hurt her. She knew it.

Akane rolled and shot forward with an explosion. She just had to get in close. The nerd was still shit at hand to hand combat.

The two of them completely ignored the ever increasing crowd. They snapped and snarled at each other. Punches with pink lightning and fiery explosions being thrown.

Deku wiped blood from his mouth. "What happened to you? We could have been an incredible team and you went and messed it up! Because you wanted to play pretend!"

Akane shook her head, trying to keep the blood out of her eyes. He had caught her right above the left eye with his fist and it left a nice deep gash. "I'm not pretending anything you shitty Deku! I'm being myself. I'm a girl. I'm Akane." She got ready to move again, "What happened to me? What happened to you? You turned on me for me just wanting to be myself. Besides, I would never be on a team with a hateful prick like you."

Akane got in close for just a moment but it was too early. He kneed her in the chest with twenty-five percent. He was risking completely breaking his leg just to hurt her. The bastard.

Akane gasped for air, he had definitely broken a few of her ribs that time. She heard her name, "Akane!" Kiri was watching her with wide eyes. She could tell he wanted to jump in. She knew he couldn't stand seeing her getting hurt like this but she needed him to understand, this was her fight this time. She loved him but this had to be done. Luckily her thoughts must have been conveyed through her face because her reluctantly didn't jump in. She sent him a small smile. She had this.

She dodged another kick from Deku and she finally seen her true opening. She launched forward and used her super heated hand on his face for a distraction. She then flipped him onto the ground and quickly had him pinned under her. She didn't use her quirk as she hit him with her fist. "I'm a girl damnit!"

She hit him again. "You don't get to pick who I am. I am who I am!"

Again. "I didn't deserve any of the bullshit. You made my life hell!"

"I fucking hate you! Fuck you!" She rained her fist down again and again on him as he tried his best to protect his face.

Akane finally felt herself being yanked off of him. She kicked and screamed to be let go. It wasn't until she realized it was Kiri who was holding her in his arms that she realized she was also crying. She lightly pounded on Kiri's chest as he held her. "I fucking hate him Kiri. I fucking hate him! I didn't deserve any of the bullshit. I didn't! I don't!"

Kiri rocked her in his lap as he held her, "I know baby. I know. I'm sorry." He nuzzled into her. She knew she was getting her blood on him but she also knew he didn't care. She just let herself be held by him. She needed him.

She didn't remember when she finally slipped into unconsciousness but she knew for a fact she did because she woke up in Recovery Girl's office.

Akane barely opened her eyes to see the bright lights before her head was splitting with a headache. She managed to get them open and found Aizawa Sensei and Recovery Girl waiting on her. Akane looked towards her teacher and barely made a sentence, "Where's Kiri. I miss 'im."

Aizawa Sensei snorted, "Kirishima is back at the dorms with everyone else. He wanted to wait here for you but we made him head back. You know we've got a lot of things to discuss right? There's a meeting in an hour between you and I, Midoriya and All Might, and Nezu. First though, if you're up for it, I need you to tell me your side. I've heard a lot of stories and I have a pretty good idea of what happened but I need you to talk to me."

Akane nodded. She knew that would be coming. Her throat was dry as sand paper at the moment but luckily Recovery Girl brought her a water. She instantly started to feel better. Recovery Girl gave her a small smile. "Take your time young lady, and you're going to be sore for a few days but your ribs are no longer broken. You'll have a small scar over your left eye as well."

Akane smiled and nodded at her. "Thank you."

Then Akane turned to Aizawa Sensei. "Midoriya attacked me first."

He nodded, "That's what I've gathered. You're safe here Akane, you can talk to me."

Akane looked at him, she knew she looked absolutely vulnerable and meek but she didn't have a lot of options at the moment. "He pushed and kicked me down. We started throwing words back and forth and he attacked me first again." Akane looked him in the eyes, "I'm just tired of it Sensei. I've been bullied and messed with for too long. I just snapped. The words he was throwing at me dug deeper than any punch or kick could ever do but I know I'm a woman. I know who I am and don't deserve to be treated like lesser than. I'm a damn person. So when I got a hold of him, I hit him. I hit him over and over again until Kiri yanked me off."

Akane sighed, "I'm just tired of it all Sensei. I had to stand up for myself or it would never end."

Aizawa Sensei listened to her, nodding along and listening to the words she said. He sighed, "I had a feeling that's what happened. I'm proud of you for always staying calm and trying to keep things peaceful but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I can't fault you on that. Unfortunately though, you'll still have to be punished but I promise I will talk to Nezu and make sure it's lenient."

"I'm not going to be expelled?"

She watched his eyes harden with determination. "Not a chance in hell will I let anyone expell you for sticking up for yourself." She believed him. She believed every word he said. She always did because he had never lied to her so far.

Around an hour later, she was up and ready to move. She shot Kiri and Jirou a message each. She thanked Recovery Girl again and made her way out with Aizawa Sensei. They walked their way to Nezu's office. Akane looked up at her teacher, "Why is All Might going to be there? To protect Midoriya?"

Aizawa Sensei rolled his eyes at that situation, "Exactly. He's been there every time Midoriya had been in trouble to make sure he stays in school here and doesn't get expelled. This time will be different." Akane wasn't for sure what he meant by different but her teacher had a small smirk playing up on his face.

They made their way into Nezu's office. Deku and All Might were already there.

They spent time going over the whole incident. Deku had fed All Might a different story but some students had come forward to defend her and some even had videos of the whole thing. There was no way around it, Deku had started it and had blatantly lied about it. This time it wasn't just her word Vs his, she had back up and proof.

Nezu nodded his rat-bear head as they all wrapped up. He looked at her, "Now miss Bakugou, I commend you for standing up for yourself but you still used your quirks and fought on the school grounds. I unfortunately have to put you under house arrest. Four days of house arrest." He gave her a small smile.

Akane returned it. Four days of house arrest and peacefully cleaning up the dorms. She could do that. She would happily do that. No suspensions or expulsions. She wasn't going to complain.

The principal turned towards Deku. "Now Midoriya. You attacked a student out of pure hatred. It was an unprovoked attack plus you used your quirk without any need except to attack another student. You should be expelled young Midoriya, but once again All Might has saved you from being expelled." Nezu shot a look towards Aizawa, the two of them having a conversation. The principal turned back to Midoriya and folded his paws together, "Though, with your punishment, you may have rather been expelled."

Deku looked towards All Might with concern. Akane was now intrigued, worse than getting expelled?

Principal Nezu continued, "Aizawa and I have discussed it. First, one week suspension, no questions asked. Two, you're provisional license will be revoked until you complete the three month remedial courses to regain it. Then third, You have shown you do not belong in class 2A. You shall be moved to general education and Shinsou shall officially take your place, he has been working hard to prove he has what it takes to be a hero. You can try out for the heroics course again in your third year."

Watching the color drain from Deku's face was one of the best things she had ever seen. The little fucker deserved it and was finally getting a little taste of his own medicine.

Deku looked to All Might. All Might jumped up, "Now Nezu, don't you think that's a little harsh? What about his training?"

Nezu matched his gaze, "Midoriya's training shall cease until he gets his license back. It may seem harsh to you two but what about Akane? Don't you think it's harsh that young Midoriya has been torturing her for years. He outright attacked her today All Might. Now come on. You didn't want him expelled so this is the solution we decided on. Sounds fair to me."

All Might ran his hands over his face, "All of us in this room know how important that boy is. He's the future. He's going to be the future number one. It's determined."

Akane stood up and stood to All Might. "It's not determined. Just because he has your power doesn't mean he's the future. I'm going to be the future. I'm going to be a hero people can count on. You may not believe in me but others do." Her eyes flicked over towards Aizawa. He nodded at her. She stood a little taller as she turned her attention back to All Might. "You can't be the future if you discriminate against the people you're supposed to be saving."

Akane was soon dismissed and made her way back to the dorms. She never felt more free in her life. That shitty Deku would finally be away from her. Finally.

She walked with her head held high as she walked back towards the dorm. She pushed her glasses back up on her face as they had slid down. Deku had knocked out one of her contacts so she would be glasses only for a while. She'd honestly rather lose a contact than break her glasses.

She barely made it into the dorms when Kiri was picking her up into a hug. It surprised her so much that she couldn't help the high pitched squeal that turned into laughter as he swung her in slow circles. He kissed her when he set her down. "So what's the verdict?"

Akane sent him a smile, "I got four days house arrest for fighting on school grounds with my quirk. No suspensions though. Principal Nezu and Aizawa Sensei said they were glad I stood up for myself. Don't tell any of the others yet but Deku is being transferred to general education and having his provisional license taken away. They hit him where it hurt this time."

Kiri smiled at the news. "Good. He fuckin deserves it. How are you feeling otherwise?" She felt him trace the small scar above her left eye. Then she smiled as she felt him place a gentle kiss there as well.

She held him close, "Pretty sore, but not bad all things considered. He broke three of my ribs and my right wrist. I broke his orbital socket and his nose and gave him second degree burns. Could have been worse and it had to be done. I was done being messed with."

They were soon bombarded by some of the others, asking how she was and making sure she was okay. She had some pretty great friends and she was honestly glad she wasn't leaving them in anyway. Through transferring or getting expelled. She wanted to graduate from Yuuei and work on her dream of being a hero, and now she wasn't going to let anyone get in her way. She wasn't going to let anyone take her dream away. Never.

Later that night, she cuddled with Kiri as he nuzzled and kissed all of her sore spots. He helped her ice her sore body as he gave her gentle kisses. She loved every minute with him. He was always so so gentle with her and not in a condescending way.

"Hey Kiri?"

He squeezed her tight, "Yeah baby?"

She kissed his lips, "I love you."

He smiled brightly as he kissed her back, "I love you too Akane."
After a while, they snuggled down together. She was sore and she was tired so it wasn't very long and she was falling asleep snuggled against his chest. He was her safety net. He made her feel surrounded by love and warmth at the end of every day.


It wasn't until the next day that the others found out about Midoriya.

Iida stood up in the middle of class as Aizawa Sensei walked in, "Sir! Everyone is accounted for except Midoriya. Akane is at the dorms for house arrest but no word on Midoriya."

Aizawa nodded as he took his place on the podium. "Midoriya is no longer a part of our class. He has been transferred to general education for the remainder of this year. Shinsou will be transferring to this class next week in his place. Sometimes expulsion isn't a justifiable enough punishment."

Aizawa stood straight up at his podium, "Bullying shall never be tolerated here."


Akane enjoyed the quietness of the dorms. It was definitely one of the positives of being on house arrest.

She had called her mom last night and explained the situation. Her mom was downright proud of her. She had said they were going for ice cream next time they were together.

Her mom was always like that. She was never punished at home for defending herself.

Akane spent her day cleaning up the dorms. She twirled around as she listened to music. She was more than happy with this.

Kiri found her as soon as school ended. She had been dancing while cleaning the kitchen and he came up behind her and began dancing with her. She laughed as he twirled her. She let him bring her in close as he nuzzled into her neck.

She giggled as he kissed her shoulder before letting him turn her around and kissed her on the lips. "I love you Akane."

She pulled him close, "I love you too Kiri."

She laid in bed that night and felt absolutely free. She felt more free than she had in years. It was finally her time to truly be herself. She knew the bullying wouldn't stop immediately but without Deku spearheading it, she knew it would get better. It had to. She knew it would.

Chapter 9: Akane Vs All Might


Akane Vs All Might!

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Chapter Text

Deku had been out of class 1A for a month now. Akane had never felt more free. She wasn't messed with nearly as much since he was gone. She hadn't even seen him since then. For the first time since she was a kid, she felt safe from him. She felt free.

It was also fast approaching the end of their second year, and that meant that they all would have their final exams soon. Akane's final exam this year was a fight with All Might.

The goal was simple, escape or cuff the teacher to win. Everyone had teams except her. They all had drawn partners and she was the odd one out. She was given the opportunity to have a partner anyway but when she figured out she would be battling All Might, she denied a partner. She wanted All Might all to herself.

Akane didn't respect All Might anymore. She knew she would be a better hero than he was. Now she was just doing it out of pure spite. He didn't believe in her. He didn't like her. She would show him why it was never a good idea to give up and toss aside a Bakugou.

She at least deserved respect. If he didn't like her, fine. She had come to terms with that, but she would never come to terms with being disrespected. Especially being disrespected for just being herself.


They had a little over two weeks before their end of the year practical exams and a little less than a week for their written exams.

Akane was studying with Kiri for their written exams they had to do before their end of the year exams. Well they were studying, now Kiri had her playfully pinned to the bed while they traded kisses.

It started when he went to poke at her sides and he knew she was ticklish. She poked him back, which led to him lightly tackling her and pinning her to the bed. Tickling soon turned into kissing and this is where they were now.

He had her pinned beneath him, his hand holding hers at the wrist. He gently kissed her as he used his other hand to caress her cheek. He treated her so softly but in the best way possible.

She was his princess but in a way that wasn't condescending.

Akane arched her back as a soft moan left her throat. Kiri had moved to kiss down her jaw and neck. Her sensitive areas. He especially knew how sensitive her neck was.

She let him keep her pinned at the wrist as he continued to kiss down her neck. "Kiri..fuck... I love you."

"I love you too. My beautiful Akane." Kiri bit down onto her neck. Lightly before he really started to bite down. She pleasantly squirmed as he bit her. "Kiri..Kiri!"

Hearing her moans, he started to grind down on top of her crotch, and she responded by thrusting her hips towards him.

"My beautiful Akane." The words echoed around her mind. He truly thought she was beautiful. She believed him every time he said it. They were still clothed and their rhythm was clumsy at best, but it was still euphoric.

She could feel a tightening in her stomach as they continued their rhythm. She felt light and untethered. She felt boundless.

Kiri had always said he loved her for who she was. That what she had between her legs meant nothing to him because he loved her. She always believed him and being in this moment right now, she felt it. What she had didn't matter. She was Akane. Plain and simple. She felt like the realest girl in the world. She felt secure.

He had finally released her hands so he could pull her into a kiss. He pulled her close and kissed her hard. Using his sharp teeth to bite her bottom lip as he pulled back. She could taste the metallic taste of her own blood but she didn't care. She loved it.

He was getting breathless and she was having a hard time containing her moans.

Then, as if someone pushed her over the edge of a cliff. She was falling. She bit into his shoulder to keep from moaning out. Her body spasmed from her first orgasm and she was shaking while trying to hold onto Kiri.

She finally laid back and through half lidded eyes, looked up at him. His breaths were just as rugged as hers and he had several beads of sweat built up on his forehead.

He smiled his gentle smile at her and she smiled back.

She felt him gently kiss her forehead, then her nose, and then finally her lips. She loved it when he did this. She felt complete when he kissed her like that.

After a few minutes of recovering, her sass was back. "You ruined my new panties. I literally just bought these last week." She shot a smirk his way as she rolled off the bed. She stumbled for a moment before regaining her footing. Damn, her legs were still wobbly. She also needed to change.

He gave her a smirk back as he got up and stretched. "I'm sorry babe." She could tell by the look on his face that he was anything but sorry. The annoying yet adorable bastard.

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Whatever. I have to change now. Go change too and we can actually continue to study, shark face."

He came over and kissed her, one they both smiled into. "Okay, I'll be right back."

She jumped in her shower and just changed into her pajamas. By pajamas, she meant she just put on a pair of dark orange panties and on of Kiri's Crimson Riot hoodies. By the time she was done slipping his hoodie on, Kiri was back in her room and was pouring over his notes.

She just stood there for a moment, just looking at him. The desklamp light was the only thing illuminating him as he twirled his pen in his hand. She stood there for a moment, just soaking in the feeling and the sight. She loved him, gods did she love him.

His hair was hanging down, he must of showered too, and he looked relaxed. She loved seeing him like this. So free and at ease.

She walked over to him, the arms of his hoodie hanging way past her own hands. She slid the sleeves up to push her glasses back up on her face.

He looked up to meet her gaze, a soft smile on his face. "You're adorable."

"Shut up. I am not." She then yawned and as she yawned, she saueaked. She instantly sent a glare his way, waiting for him to say something about her being cute.

He put his hands up in surrender with a smile on his face.

She sat down in his lap and nuzzled into him. Picking up her English notes to go over with him as she sat in his lap. "I love you Eijirou."

Kiri gently threaded fingers through her hair. She had cut it into a wolf cut recently and she loved it. "I love you too Akane."

The spent the next couple hours going over notes and mock exam questions until it was time for bed.

She had started to fall asleep in his lap, and in her defense, it was past her usual bed time. She may be seventeen but she usually had a strict 8:30 bed time. She had pushed it to almost ten tonight.

She felt him pick her up and carry her over to the bed. She managed to somewhat help him get the bed ready and climb into the bed. She felt him cover them with the blanket and then felt his arm slip around her waist. He pulled her closer into him and she felt him kiss her shoulder. "Goodnight baby."

She snuggled back into him and pulled the blanket tighter around her. "Goodnight Eiji."

They both got questioned the next day at lunch. Jirou was looking at her neck. Emo ears wiggled her eyebrows at her, "What were you and Kiri doing last night Akane."

Akane playfully rolled her eyes and gave Jirou the finger. "We were studying. Now quit looking at me like that emo ears."

Jirou rolled her own eyes, "Girl, I have the room next to you. Plus I literally have the best hearing I'm class except for Shouji."

Mina smirked at her too, "Studying huh? Is that why Kiri has a bite mark on his shoulder as well? I saw it this morning when he left your room. You two aren't subtle at all. Luckily Iida didn't see you this morning Kiri."

Akane didn't want to hear it, "Jirou and Momo are literally just as bad. Hell, half the time they have Kendou over too, and all three of them are loud, especially you Jirou." Then she turned to Mina, "Plus I know you and Shinsou have been together for like six months. I also seen him leave your room last week."

Jirou, Momo, and Mina all three suddenly found interest in the ceiling and the floor. Akane snorted and then stuck her tongue out, "That's what I thought."

Mina did take a glance over at Jirou and Momo, "You two and Kendou? She's really pretty. That's also really freaking hot."

Akane nodded, "Right? That's what I thought to."

Mina turned to look at her, Akane raised her hand in a dismissive way. "I'm Pan. Plus all three of them are hot. I may wear glasses but I'm not blind."

Akane then shot Kiri a smile. "I like people. Gender has never mattered to me in that aspect. Kiri was just the one. I fell in love with him so easily. It was just right." Kiri smiled back at her while the girls cooed at her.

Kiri grabbed Akane's hand, "Akane is someone special. I didn't think I would find a partner here in Yuuei but I am so damn happy that I found her."

Akane smiled over at him, "Fucking sap. I love you."

"You love it. I love you too Akane."

Later that evening when Akane, Kiri, and Mina were studying when Kendou walked in the dorm doors. Akane waved and Kendou waved back. Akane took her chance to mess with the 2B girl. "Jirou and Momo are up in Jirou's room. Kiri and I have to study for Midnight's class later so try not to moan too loud."

Mina snorted as she tried to cover her mouth. Kendou went red in the face. "I'm just here to study."

Akane shot a smirk towards Kiri, they also knew exactly how studying could go. "Mhmm. You can blame the teasing on Jirou. She started it."

Kiri chuckled, "It's good to see you Kendou. Tell Tet I said hi when you head back. Akane is right though, your girls are upstairs."

Kendou smiled, "Okay. I'll head up. I'll try to get Jirou to slow down on the teasing."

Akane smirked, "You're just saying that so I don't tease you anymore."

Kendou had a smirk of her own, "You're correct."


They had just gotten their grades back for their written exams. Kiri came running into the common room and scooped Akane up in his arms. "I did it! With your help, I made A's and B's on all of my written exams!"

She happily squealed as he spun her around. "I'm proud of you Ei! I knew you could do it. You're smarter than you think!"

He pulled her into a kiss. "Thank you for studying with me and making sure I stayed on track. I've been doing so much better in my classes. Now we just got to focus on our practical exams. You ready?"

Akane smirked, "I'm more than ready. I'm not running away from that fight. I'm going to fight All Might head on."

Kiri kissed her, "That's my girl. Kick his ass."


It was finally time for their practical exams. Akane was up first against All Might.

All of her friends cheered her on as she left the room to walk towards the fake city that they would be using for her exam.

None of them knew the fight she was truly in for.

She barely made it into the arena when she felt wind rush past her. She wasn't stupid though, she knew it was All Might. She barely had time to dodge his attack, she rolled to the side. She felt the another gust of wind that turned her timed dodge roll into a barely managed flop.

She hit the ground and was already up and turning to face him.

All Might adjusted the quirk dampening cuffs around his wrists. He also had them around his ankles. He smirked at her, "These pitiful cuffs are the only way you will have any chance of escape young Bakugou."

Akane squared up to him, dusting herself off. "I'm not escaping All Might. I'm going to beat you down until I can put the restraining cuffs on you. Plus call me Akane. It's Akane."

He flew forward and punched her. Hard. She flew back from the power of which he hit her. She rolled to a stop. She was trying everything to catch her breath and her insides felt like they had liquefied.

While she was gasping for air, she barely registered All Might yelling. "Texas Smash!" She had to move. Now!


Kirishima watched on in horror as he watched his girlfriend try to fight back against All Might.

All Might seemed to be out for blood. This fight was way more intense than any of theirs. Even the match between Nezu and Mina and Denki hadn't been this violent, and Nezu was pretty insane.

Kirishima watched on the monitors as Akane couldn't dodge in time and was hit with a Texas Smash this time around. He felt sick to his stomach. His friends around seemed to feel the same way. Jirou was next to him, "It seems like All Might is really trying to hurt her. I don't like this."

Kirishima nodded, "I don't either. He's taking this too far. I know she can handle herself. That's not what I'm worried about. I'm worried about All Might going too far. He doesn't like her because of Midoriya. That's been easy to see."

Momo was with them as well, "All Might has been quiet unprofessional when it comes to Akane. It's quite revolting."


Akane rounded a corner. She just needed a minute. She was out of breath and she hurt. She was sure at least a few of her ribs were broken again and her left leg felt like it was shattered. She wiped blood from her face as she took a deep breath.

The lucky thing was that se was sweating and her gauntlets were full. She needed to unleash something powerful to even have a chance of knocking All Might off his game long enough to slip the cuffs on him. Her usual blast weren't doing a damn thing. Because he was fucking All Might.

She had to think of something. Quickly.

She waited until All Might was running down the street before she popped out behind a corner. "AP shot!" He grabbed her and held her by the face before she could even get the shot off.

All she could think to do was stick her hand on his face and fire off her quirk in rapid fire succession. It gave her the opening she needed. "Stum grenade!" She blinded him long enough to disappear onto a near by roof.

She was sweating so much her gauntlets were already full again. Her earpiece crackled. It was Aizawa. "Akane? Do I need to stop this match? All Might is out of line."

She growled out, "No chance. He wants a fight, I'm giving him a fight. Do not stop this match. Please."

"I'm letting this go for now, just for you. Give him hell kid."

That's exactly what she was going to do.

Akane jumped off the roof, using her explosions to propel her downward into a loose spiral. "Stum grenade!" She blinded him enough to blast back higher in the air. "AP shot!" She fired off two powerful blast. Then she started to rotate her body again. "Howitzer Impact!" She began to fully rotate her body, twirling rapidly in the air. "Rolling Thunder!"

Instead of hitting him full force with the Rolling Thunder, Akane shot past him, slipping the cuff around his wrist.

She slid but her leg soon gave out so she tumbled to a stop. A massive smirk on her face though. "I win. You lost All Might." She seen the blood dripping from All Might's lip and the scorched marks on his arms and face. She had gotten some good shots in on him.

She fucking did it.

She didn't run. She didn't hide. She gave it everything she had and she faced him head on. It may not have been a real fight but he didn't hold back a lot and she was proud of holding her own and actually winning and passing her exam.

She barely made it to her feet when Kiri got to her and helped hold her weight. "Baby!" She heard him but she was also paying more attention to someone else.

A pissed off Aizawa made his way towards All Might. She watched as her teacher, her real hero, walked up and punched the former number one right in the jaw. She couldn't hear what was being whispered but All Might had the decency to look ashamed.

Then Aizawa made his way over to her. The anger falling away and pride and concern taking its place. He looked at her, "You did good kid. You did damn good. Let's get you to Recovery Girl." He looked at her right in the eyes, "I'm proud of you Akane."

Chapter 10: Don't mess with Inko Midoriya


Deku is finally fully gone after this one folks! Be gone bitch! I hate it but I unfortunately drew inspiration from the cafeteria scene from my own life in my past. Not a good time, would not recommend. Zero out of ten stars.

I'm super excited for the next chapter, Akane meets the rabbit hero, Mirko!

Also, anyone know any writers that are taking requests for stories right now?

Thank you for reading!

Chapter Text

It was right before her third year started that her mom and Akira got married.

Akane was her mom's bridesmaid and was their to help make sure it all went smoothly for her mom and her new step mom. She wanted the best for her mom's. She wanted them to be happy.

Her mom's favorite color was yellow, and the wedding colors were yellow and white, so she was wearing a very nice yellow sundress. Her chest had grown just enough that she didn't feel the need to stuff her bra to make herself feel better. She felt so much like herself when she dressed up now. She was wearing white heels and she had her hair pulled up with a yellow ribbon in her hair. The wedding was indoors so she didn't have to worry about the chilly weather.

She eyed Kiri as they went through the ceremony. He was wearing a nice pair of tight black slacks, a nice white button up, and a yellow tie. He wore his hair down but pulled back into a ponytail. He looked very handsome. She couldn't help but smile at him as he smiled back, flashing his sharp teeth.

The whole ceremony went off without a hitch, and in the end she had two moms now. She had loved Akira like she was family for years now, but now she officially was family. Plus she knew how much getting married meant to her mom and Akira.

During the reception, she first found Kiri and they found her mom and Akira. Akane hugged her mom and her step mom once again. "I'm extremely happy for both of you. It's always good seeing mom smile. She only smiles like that for you Akira."

Akira smiled as she pulled her new wife close to her, gently kissing her. "I love you Mitsuki." The two of them gently brushed their noses together before the two turned their attention back to her and Kiri. Akira continued, "Akane. You're mom makes me the happiest woman in the world. Thank you for sharing her with me."

Akane smiled again, "I just want you both to be happy. You deserve it."

Mitsuki smirked at her and it made Akane nervous. Her mom was going to say something embarrassing. "You know my little Akane, this could be you and Kirishima in just a few years."

Akane felt her face slightly heat up and she looked over at Kiri, his face had a pink dusting across his cheeks as well.

She didn't have to look very hard to see herself getting married to him.

She loved him. Her main goal had always been becoming the number one hero, but having a happy life with him, that sounded just as good. Maybe they could be the top two. They could be the ultimate power couple and team. She could see it. She just knew she didn't want any future without him in it.

Kiri grabbed her hand right in front of her mom and Akira, and then he looked at her and smiled. Then he looked to her mom, "I would love to marry your daughter one day. Whenever we're both ready and we both want it. I love her and I want to do right for her."

Akane blushed hard. She couldn't possibly love this red headed, shark faced, goofball anymore. He was hers and she was his and she loved it that way.

They had plenty of time to figure out their lives, she just knew she always wanted him in hers.

After a few more embarrassing minutes with her moms, her and Kiri moved on so others could talk to the newly wed couple. They ended up finding aunty Inko soon after. "Akane! Look at you, you look so pretty!"

Akane stopped and hugged her aunty Inko. "Thank you aunty."

Inko turned to look at Kirishima, "You young man, you look so handsome. It's Kirishima right?"

Kirishima nodded as he politely smiled, "Yes ma'am. I'm Akane's boyfriend."

Inko smiled and turned towards her, "You two are so adorable. It's so nice to see you dear. How is school going?"

Akane shifted uncomfortably, she was hoping aunty Inko wasn't going to bring up Deku. Aunty Inko must of read her mind because she reached out and laid a gentle hand on her arm. "Akane. I'm not mad at you for what happened to Izuku. He deserved everything he got and even more. I am so sorry for what he's out you through. I truly am." Aunty reached out and gently stroked the scar on her forehead. "I really am sorry Akane. You're a beautiful young lady. You deserve to be happy. You keep chasing that happiness okay?"

Akane smiled and gently held aunty Inko's hand, "Thank you aunty. Thank you."

A little while later, Mitsuki and Akira had their first dance and now others were out dancing as well. A slow song had just come on and Kiri held out his hand. "Akane, do you want to dance?"

Akane smiled and nodded as she took his hand. They made it to the dance floor as he put his hands on her waist and gently pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest. They slowly went in circles. "I love you Eijirou. I love you so much."

The slowly turned and Kiri gently squeezed her hips, "I love you too, my beautiful Akane. I'll love you forever."


Their third year started shortly after her mom's wedding.

Akane barely made it in the door before Jirou and the other girls were wrapping her up in hugs. Akane squealed, "I missed you all too!"

Akane, Kiri, and the girls, along with Iida, Todoroki, Sero, Tokoyami, and Shouji rest of the day and night in her room all talking about what they did on their breaks. Akane was happy to just spend the night next to her boyfriend and her friends before her first day of her third year tomorrow.

She had a boyfriend. She had friends. She was in her third year of Yuuei and was top three in the class. Just a couple years ago, she would never had guessed this would be her future. She'd do anything to keep this life. She felt like she truly deserved it. She had endured shit for so long, she deserved to be happy.

Nothing could break her. Nothing.

Then she walked into school the next day and pictures of her from middle school were put up everywhere. There were pictures of her in the boys uniforms before she started transitioning. There were pictures where she was cornered, where people were laughing at her. She was in a combat stance but anyone could tell she had been crying in those pictures. Plus with the pictures, flyers saying "Akane is a tranny slut" had been posted everywhere too.

As soon as she walked in the doors and seen the pictures, Kiri pulled her into his chest. She held on to him and tried to breathe evenly. He held her until she was stable.

Her friends were already out in the halls trying to pull as many pictures and flyers down as they could. Aizawa Sensei came up and found them, her teacher was visibly upset, all usual calm and tired composure gone. "Akane, were working on getting these all taken down. We're also looking for whoever did this. I have a good idea but there's no concrete proof."

Akane took another deep breath. She kept repeating her thoughts to herself. Nothing could break her. Nothing could break her. "Thank you Sensei. I..." Her lip was trembling slightly as Kiri squeezed her hand. "I really appreciate it Sensei."

This same thing happened for days. Every morning there were new pictures from her past. Pictures she didn't know existed. They were all mainly from middle school where she was picked on the most. There was always some kind of slur accompanying the pictures. Her friends took them down as fast as possible but they were back up every morning.

Aizawa Sensei told her he still couldn't find anyone who was doing it. The next plan was to come in and wait in the early morning hours.

That morning, there were no pictures. No flyers calling her slurs. Just nothing all of a sudden. That didn't make her feel better, it filled her with a sense of dread.

Akane kept her eyes open for Deku all day long. She knew it had to be him or he had someone doing the dirty work for him again like Monoma was doing. She didn't know and she didn't like it.

Her sense of dread was proven right during lunch time. Her and Kiri were walking towards their usual table to meet with Jirou and the other girls when she felt something grab her skirt. She only had just a moment of realization before her skirt was torn away from her.

She dropped her food as she went to cover herself, which alerted everyone in the area, but there was a inky whip like tentacle holding her hands so she couldn't cover herself.

She was exposed in front of the entire cafeteria. It only lasted a few seconds but it felt like a lifetime. Everyone was staring at her panties, trying to catch glimpses for themselves. This was a hundred times worse than the locker room incidents. She would take the locker room incidents over this every day if she could.

She could hear them all laughing. Could see them pointing. She wanted to do nothing but escape. To have the floor swallow her whole so she could just disappear.

Her hands were finally released when Kiri tore the inky tentacles away from her. She was then covered with his uniform jacket.

Momo made her a blanket and wrapped it around her as well. Kiri and her friends also made a barrier around her as Momo made her another uniform skirt.

"Now you've all seen for yourselves what Katsuki really is. He's just a boy that's messed up in the head. A boy who's taking medicine that will mess up his body. A boy who can't move past playing pretend." Akane knew that whiney voice anywhere. It haunted her. It invaded her dreams at night. That shitty fucking Deku.

Akane grabbed onto Kiri as he tried to take off toward Deku. She was afraid of what kind of trouble he would get in if he was able to get a hold of the shitty Deku.

They found him by a table of Gen Ed kids and they were all laughing at her. She had went from absolutely pissed off to humiliated and trying not to cry within seconds. She fuckin hated him. She hated that Deku more than any villain. She hated him more than the villains who kidnapped her.

She wiped angrily at her eyes, willing herself not to cry. She would not cry in front of him again. She spoke to nobody in particular, just whispering angrily to herself. "I don't understand why he won't leave me alone. I don't understand!"

Akane then slipped on the skirt Momo had made for her as then Aizawa Sensei burst through the cafeteria with Iida. He must of ran to get their teacher as soon as it all started.

Aizawa's hair stood up as his quirk activated from how irate he looked. "Midoriya follow me, and if anyone wants to pull a stunt like this again. You will be expelled immediately and I will personally make sure you don't see another hero school as long as you live. Midoriya, move it! Akane, please follow me."

Akane gave Kiri's hand a squeeze. He looked at her, "I'll be waiting right outside Nezu's office for you. I'll see you in a little bit." Akane could see him trying to hold in his anger. He was almost bouncing with rage from how much he must have wanted to tear into Deku. Akane squeezed his hand again, her lip still trembling.

She whispered to him. "I love you Eijirou."

"I love you too Akane. I'll see you soon. I'm so sorry baby."

Akane walked on one side of Aizawa as Midoriya walked on the other. Akane was biting her lip to keep the tears at bay. Out of the corner of her eye, she seen Deku look her way. She visibly flinched from his gaze because she was thinking of what just happened. She had never been so humiliated in her life.

Aizawa Sensei caught him looking at her, "Midoriya. Look at her again and I'll personally break your arms."

Deku gasped at him, "You can't talk to me like that, you're a teacher!"

Aizawa Sensei's hair started floating again. "I will do what I damn well please kid." His hair settled back down around his shoulders, "You're out of here. All Might kept you here last time but he will not save you this time. I've been filled in on what you just did and what you just pulled was sexual assault. Your chance at ever being a hero is done. I'll make sure of it."

They arrived at Nezu's office and walked in and Nezu and All Might were already waiting for them.

All Might gave Deku a look Akane hadn't ever seen him give the shitty Deku before. It looked like genuine disappointment. "Young Midoriya. Did you truly sexually harass miss Akane here?"

Deku shook his head, "Whatever you've been told is wrong. It was a little misunderstanding."

Aizawa Sensei looked close to exploding. It was the angriest she had ever seen her teacher. "A little misunderstanding? We have video proof of you assaulting her."

Akane watched as Deku's face paled. The little asshole must have thought there was no video evidence this time.

They played the video from someone's confiscated phone. Akane couldn't watch. She couldn't live through it again.

All Might shook his head. "Young Midoriya. I will not even try to protect you this time. You sexually assaulted someone. You are not who I thought you were. I tried and I tried to believe in you. I kept you out of trouble because I thought you were the future this world needed. You are no hero like I believed."

Deku sneered at the man he said he admired, "You already gave me the power of One For All. You can't just take it back."

All Might stood at his full height. "That is where you are wrong young Midoriya. I can still pass on my power to another weilder and the longer they have it, the less and less power you will have until it disappears completely. You do not deserve to weild my power."

All Might turned towards Nezu and Aizawa, "I retract everything I ever said protecting young Midoriya. I am sorry I have made your jobs more difficult."

He then finally turned towards her, "Young Akane, I am sorry that I kept your tormentor in school and made your life more difficult than it needed to be. I thought he was the future. I wanted to believe I made the right decision, I did not. I couldn't have been more wrong, but that doesn't excuse the way I acted towards you. One day I hope you can forgive me. You will truly be a great hero one day."

All Might bowed to take his leave, Akane turned to look at him. "All Might. If anyone deserves to weild One For All, it should be Mirio. With everything he's been through and what he's given up, he deserves to weild that power more than anyone. Also, for the record, I'm not going to just be a great hero. I'm going to be the best."

"I think you just may be right on both accounts their young Akane." With one last bow, he took his leave.

Aizawa turned his attention back towards Deku. Akane had never seen her teacher with such a feral grin before. It was kind of terrifying how scary her teacher could actually be. "Your mother should be her to collect you at any moment Midoriya."

As if summoned, Inko Midoriya made her way into the office doors. Instead of heading for her son, she headed straight towards Akane.

Aunty Inko wrapped her up in a hug, "I heard what happened. I am so so sorry dear. I am so sorry."

Akane couldn't hold it in anymore. She felt tears drip down her face. "It's fine aunty."

Aunty Inko wiped her tears away for her, "It is not fine! I promise you it is not fine. Now I'm going to ask you a serious question. Do you want to press charges?"

Deku shot up, "Mom! You can't be serious! It wasn't that bad."

Aunty Inko turned around and sent a glare that could rival Aizawa's. "You sit down young man! You sexually assaulted her. This is as serious as it gets!"

Aunty turned back around to face her. "Do you want to press charges? I will fully support your decision. He needs to learn the severity of his actions."

Akane thought about it. She hated the green haired bastard. He had made her life a living hell, but she just wanted it to be over. She just wanted him out of her life. Akane shook her head no, "I just want him to leave me alone. I just want to be left alone."

Aunty nodded at her as she squeezed her hand, "No matter what I have to do, I will make sure he stays as far away from you as possible. I'm sorry for all the trouble he's caused you. My dear Akane." Aunty Inko leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead.

Aunty Inko then turned towards Deku, "Now you, you are still going to talk to Chief officer Tsuragamae. I think you need a good talk about the severity of your actions. I will not sit back and let you become a full fledged villain. Is that what you want Izuku? That's the road your on."

She grabbed him by the hand and bowed to everyone in the room. Nezu bowed his head to her. "There is a security guard outside the doors. He will show your son to his dorms to collect his things. The rest will be sent to you in a few days."

The two of them soon left and Akane turned back to her teacher and principal. Nezu nodded at her, "We are currently working on confiscating everyone's phones who were at lunch and checking for anymore sources of the video. We will make sure they are all deleted. Again, we're sorry for everything miss Akane. I should have listened to Aizawa sooner and should have went against All Might's wishes in the very beginning. No other student, teacher, or hero should be out above another."

Aizawa put a hand on her shoulder. Akane wiped at her eyes, "I'm finally free. That incident in the cafeteria was single handedly the most embarrassing moment of of my life, but he's finally gone. I'm finally actually free for the first time in my life. He finally can't hurt me anymore."


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