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To say Miles was surprised, was an understatement.

Heobviously hadn’t counted on Bakugo’s behavior. Though there was something thatmightexplain it…

"You thought Midoriya jumped, didn’t you?”

Seeing the blond youth jerk and look at him with shock, quickly followed by suspicion confirmedthat theory. Miles sighed.

At least the boy wasn'tcompletely blind. Although there would still have to be consequences, things were going to have to be different than he had originally planned.

While he wasstill going to get pleasure out of the reveal, the Bakugo boy no longer played a factor in that, (thankfully).Instead, he got to simply relish in how it was going to feel to get another Spider-Man on their feetlikehis Peter did for him. He shook his head, and cleared his throat. It was game time.

"There's something everyone here should know." He looked around at all those assembled, nodding once he was sure he had their undivided attention. "I represent a multiversal council of Spider-Men and Women, individuals with Spider based powers."

And ifthat didn't cause a stir. Miles chuckled to himself, the reveal of the multiverse would never get old. "Excuse me, are you telling me you come from adifferent reality?!"The skinny tall guy, Nighteye, Miles thought it was, said incredulously. "And you expect us tobelieve that?!"

Miles chuckled to himself,'There's always a skeptic.' Looking at the man he shook his head. "Whether you believe me is irrelevant for the moment." He glances at the blond youth in front of him. There was more to what he was about to say, but he was not going to give the boy any excuses for his behavior. "What matters is, there's a Multiversal constant, a Spider-Man in each reality."

Seeing the confused expressions on everyone present, Miles nodded. "I'm aware that your reality doesn't currently have one. However, at the beginning of what your world calls the Dawn of Quirks the previous holder of the mantle existed." He noted how All Might and his circle of confidants perked up at that. " Now, normally the time he existed would have been unremarkable,that would have just been when your world's Spider-Man existed, a legend passed down through the generations until the next one was naturally selected by your world to renew its connection to the multiverse."

The small rodent looking creature in the suit- apparently a principal? Miles mentally shook his head- Nezu, pounced on the hint. "What exactly do you mean 'normally' Mr....?"

Miles chuckled "Morales, Miles Morales. And I mean, outside of exceptional circumstances Spider-Men operate independently, only relying on the Heroic presences available on their own world without interference from other Spider-Men and Women unless they figure out multiversal travel for themselves."

Nezu nodded in understanding. "Then, what makes what happened to our world's Spider-Man different? And, most importantly, what does any of this have to do with young Midoriya here?"

"What's different is that your world's Spider-Man died in a multiversal war. And what this has to do with Izuku is quite simple, he's been selected by your world to be the next to bear the mantle."

Those words caused an immediate reaction, for a moment everyone froze, until- "Bullshit! Midoriya'sQuirkless. He doesn't have any 'spider powers'!" Bakugo yelled, and while all of the adults looked uncomfortable, none of them seemed to be able to disagree. How could someone without the powers mentioned by Miles be one of the Spider-Men?

Miles only chuckled, shaking his head, "That's one of the clues that heis going to be one of us. You see, Bakugo,all of us Spider-Men and Women started out without powers.All of us started out as social outcasts.All of us gained our powers from an outside source." Miles relished in the shocked reactions from everyone, chuckling internally as Ms. Midoriya and the Bakugo parents looked between each other and Miles with stunned, flabbergasted expressions, while All Might's retinue in contrast exchanged significant glances with each other before they leveled stern glares at him.

Miles chuckled shaking his head, he could guess what they were thinking. Theyassumed he was revealing a secret that he had no right to. They werewrong,revealing One For All was something All Might would be doing. A point Miles had been sure to impress upon the big oafthoroughly. No, instead Miles would be revealinghis part in the story, raising up a jar with an odd looking spider, he scanned the room. "Spiders like this one are where we got our powers."

You could almost hear the record scratch. "Now,normally these find their intended hosts on their own, once some lab somewhere researching "Super Soldiers" or something finalizes the genetic splicing.However,due to certain influences, such labs don't exist in a vicinity where such a specimen would be able to find Izuku of its own volition. And further, any labs thatdoresearch thatcould lead to such a development are decades away from producing one, and are predicted to be destroyed before reaching any significant developments by raids by local law enforcement."

Miles noted that Nezu looked almost feral when such labs were mentioned, before looking pleased at the mention of their destruction. Probably a story there, ah well, time for that later. "Of course, this wouldn't be an issue if your world's previous Spider-Man had died in the natural course of events on your world. But he didn't, and as such the connection to the multiverse has atrophied at an accelerated rate. Meaning that your world needs the new Spider-Man half a century ahead of schedule. Now, again, normally each world has a way to handle this. Like this world normally would have Izuku here developing a never-before-seen Spider Quirk when he was younger via spawning a 'spider' that would bite him and awaken mutations in line with the physiology of spiders."

At this point he leveled a severe look at Bakugo, "However, due to external factors, such an occurrence couldn't happen. Leaving this world to simply start fraying at the edges. Something our systems picked up. As such I am here to both make sure Izuku develops his powers as he is meant to and start training him while also helping to repair the damaged connection to the multiverse with my presence." Still taking some-small,mind you- satisfaction from Bakugo's flinch, Miles turned to the adults.

"Now, for this to stick andproperly repair the damaged connection, these powers have to come in as a Quirk, as such, All Might has agreed to donate some of his DNA to allow the Spider to not just transfer its abilities but also a Quirk factor to Izuku." He looked once again at Izuku's chief tormentor, measuring his reaction as he spoke. "That means, kid, Izuku's no longer going to be 'quirkless' as of this weekend. Just in time for him to drop out of Aldera and giving him a week to adjust before he starts attending his new school."

He watched as the boy in front of the detective, he saw as a complicated mix of emotions passed over the boy's face. Confusion, anger, fear, and finally... hope. "You mean, Midoriya's not going to have to worry about being bullied for beingQurikless at his new school?" His tone of voice filled with hope, mixed with disbelief.

Miles smirked internally. Maybe there was hope for this kid yet.'That's good. That means the lessons I have planned might just stick.'

The kid was still going to be getting 'Remedial Lessons' on being a hero. But maybe he wouldn't have to get Wolverine involved.



He was still pretty pissed at the kid, after all.

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