Who won the NFL game last night? Full list of results and scores from Sunday Night Football (2023)

Missed Week 11 of the NFL season? Worry not. We've got you covered with the final scores and the best players from every game.

We know this has been a season of upsets, but some of the scores you'll see below are almost unbelievable. Check out everything that happened during Week 11 of the NFL season — and no, we didn't lie in any game.

Who won the NFL games last night? Scores and results from all games

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Indianapolis Colts beat Buffalo Bills 41-15

It was the Jonathan Taylor show in Buffalo as the running back scored four touchdowns through the ground and another through the air to help the Colts power past the Bills in a fantastic win.

Buffalo are one of the best teams in the league but have too many holes for a franchise that wants to play in the Super Bowl. Josh Allen is not playing at his best right now, and they need him to step up now that the Bills have lost the AFC East lead.

Indianapolis Colts' top performers:

  • QB: Carson Wentz (11/20, 106 yards, TD)
  • RB: Jonathan Taylor (32 carries, 185 yards, 4 TDs)
  • WR/TE: Jack Doyle (3 catches, 30 yards)

Baltimore Ravens beat Chicago Bears 16-13

The Ravens needed wild plays to win the game, and their defense almost blew the win by allowing a long touchdown to Andy Dalton on a fourth-down play that would've finished the game in favor of Baltimore. Thankfully, the Ravens did just enough to win without Lamar Jackson, who is out with an illness.

Justin Fields was subbed off mid-game after taking a huge hit to the ribs. Early reports say he doesn't have a broken rib, so that's some good news at least.

Baltimore Ravens' top performers:

  • QB: Tyler Huntley (26/36, 219 yards, INT)
  • RB: Devonta Freeman (16 carries, 49 yards, TD)
  • WR/TE: Mark Andrews (8 catches, 73 yards, TD)

Cleveland Browns beat Detroit Lions 13-10

The Browns survived this game because it was against the Detroit Lions with a backup quarterback, otherwise Cleveland would have lost. The Browns have no juice in the passing game as of now, and they absolutely do not play at the level of talent that this roster possesses.

For the Lions, it was another step towards the first-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. With or without Jared Goff, the offense is bad.

Cleveland Browns' top performers:

  • QB: Baker Mayfield (15/29, 176 yards, TD, 2 INTs)
  • RB: Nick Chubb (22 carries, 130 yards)
  • WR/TE: Austin Hooper (4 catches, 53 yards)

Houston Texans beat Tennessee Titans 22-13

Yes, you read that right — and if you look at the top performers from Houston, you'll be even more shocked with how this game panned out.

Tennessee's offense is simply not good without Derrick Henry, and now that they need Ryan Tannehill more than ever, he's not corresponding. The first seed in the conference should never lose to a team like the Houston Texans.

Houston Texans' top performers:

  • QB: Tyrod Taylor (14/24, 107 yards)
  • RB: Rex Burkhead (18 carries, 40 yards)
  • WR: Chris Conley (4 catches, 37 yards)

Minnesota Vikings beat Green Bay Packers 34-31

Kirk Cousins played like an elite quarterback against the Packers, and that's not a reach by any means. In fact, there's a strong probability that he played the best game of his career, considering how good Green Bay's defense is.

Who won the NFL game last night? Full list of results and scores from Sunday Night Football (9)

The loss will not change the Packers' aspirations this season, but makes it more complicated for them to get first seed and home-field advantage in the NFC.

Minnesota Vikings' top performers:

  • QB: Kirk Cousins (24/35, 341 yards, 3 TDs)
  • RB: Dalvin Cook (22 carries, 86 yards, TD)
  • WR: Justin Jefferson (8 catches, 169 yards, 2 TDs)

Miami Dolphins beat New York Jets 24-17

Although the score was close, the game was always supposed to go to Miami's side: they're the most talented side with the better quarterback on the field. Sure, they had trouble running up the score, but it never looked like New York would've pulled the upset.

The Dolphins' playoff hopes are slim, but they exist after a three-game winning streak. There are some easy games to come and they should not give up just yet.

Miami Dolphins' top performers:

  • QB: Tua Tagovailoa (27/33, 273 yards, 2 TDs, INT)
  • RB: Myles Gaskin (23 carries, 89 yards)
  • WR: Mack Hollins (2 catches, 72 yards, TD)

Philadelphia Eagles beat New Orleans Saints 40-29

The Saints had the NFL's best rushing defense, but they were thrashed by the Eagles through the ground. Philadelphia had 50 carries for 242 yards and dominated with Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard all having good performances.

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The Saints have a better record than the Eagles, but Philadelphia are trending up and New Orleans are trending down. Jameis Winston's knee injury really derailed the Saints' season.

Philadelphia Eagles' top performers:

  • QB: Jalen Hurts (13/24, 147 yards)
  • RB: Miles Sanders (16 carries, 94 yards)
  • WR/TE: Dallas Goedert (5 catches, 62 yards)

Washington Football Team beat Carolina Panthers 27-21

In Ron Rivera and Cam Newton's homecoming — even though they are not on the same team — emotions were put aside by a great Terry McLaurin performance that propelled Washington to an upset win in Carolina.

Cam Newton scored three touchdowns and looked like he hasn't missed a beat this year, but the defense disappointed and the Panthers couldn't confirm the win.

Washington Football Team' top performers:

  • QB: Taylor Heinicke (16/22, 206 yards, 3 TDs)
  • RB: Antonio Gibson (19 carries, 95 yards)
  • WR: Terry McLaurin (5 catches, 103 yards, TD)

San Francisco 49ers beat Jacksonville Jaguars 30-10

This was an expected result comparing the talent levels, so let's focus on what Kyle Shanahan did on offense: Deebo Samuel was the leading back for the 49ers, rushing eight times for 79 yards and a touchdown.

Obviously, it's a good thing that Shanahan found other ways to put the ball in the hands of his best player. This could propel the 49ers offense to new levels on their push for a playoff spot.

San Francisco 49ers' top performers:

  • QB: Jimmy Garoppolo (16/22, 176 yards, 2 TDs)
  • RB: Deebo Samuel (8 carries, 79 yards, TD)
  • WR: Brandon Aiyuk (7 catches, 85 yards, TD)

Cincinnati Bengals beat Las Vegas Raiders 32-13

The Raiders have imploded and there's no other way to put it. Since Jon Gruden resigned and Henry Ruggs was arrested and released, the Raiders can't play any more. The Bengals had an easy game, and they didn't even need Ja'Marr Chase to be at his best.

Cincinnati are in full gear for the second half of the season. The roster rebuild in Las Vegas looks to be approaching even closer.

Cincinnati Bengals' top performers:

  • QB: Joe Burrow (20/29, 148 yards, TD)
  • RB: Joe Mixon (30 carries, 123 yards, 2 TDs)
  • WR: Tyler Boyd (6 catches, 49 yards)

Kansas City Chiefs beat Dallas Cowboys 19-9

Patrick Mahomes looks like he's back to his best, even though the stats may not show it. Mahomes did a great job on Sunday against a formidable Cowboys defense, exploring the intermediate parts of the field and finding Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce all over the field — both finished with over 70 receiving yards.

With the Raiders trending down, the Chargers being inconsistent and the Broncos without a strong offense, the AFC West is for the Chiefs to take.

Kansas City Chiefs' top performers:

  • QB: Patrick Mahomes (23/37, 260 yards, INT)
  • RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire (12 carries, 63 yards, TD)
  • WR: Tyreek Hill (9 catches, 77 yards)

Arizona Cardinals beat Seattle Seahawks 23-13

No Kyler Murray, no problem, version 2.0. Colt McCoy threw the ball an incredible 44 times, completing 79.5 percent of the passes.

The Cardinals offense obviously isn't the same without Murray and DeAndre Hopkins (also injured), but they did just enough to end the Seahawks' playoff hopes. There's no way Pete Carroll can survive after the 2021 season.

Arizona Cardinals' top performers:

  • QB: Colt McCoy (35/44, 328 yards, 2 TDs)
  • RB: James Conner (21 carries, 62 yards, TD)
  • WR/TE: Zach Ertz (8 catches, 88 yards, 2 TDs)

Los Angeles Chargers beat Pittsburgh Steelers 41-37

The Chargers had to hold off a late comeback attempt by the Steelers, which only happened because the Chargers did a Chargers. Still, Justin Herbert's late touchdown throw was enough to give Los Angeles the lead, and they pulled the final stop to beat Pittsburgh.

Justin Herbert was UNBELIEVABLE vs. the Steelers 🤩⚡️ https://t.co/E39BQAkwRX

Ben Roethlisberger was back after testing positive for COVID-19, and he played a good game, but the Chargers offense was just too strong in the end. Both teams are still in the fight for a wild card spot.

Los Angeles Chargers' top performers:

  • QB: Justin Herbert (30/41, 382 yards, 3 TDs, INT)
  • RB: Austin Ekeler (11 carries, 50 yards, 2 TDs)
  • WR: Keenan Allen (9 catches, 112 yards)

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What are the team standings in the NFL? ›

Cincinnati Bengals xz Bengals xz12418
Baltimore Ravens x Ravens x10350
Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers9308
Cleveland Browns Browns7361

Who won on TNF? ›

Full Highlights: Ravens Beat Buccaneers on TNF, 27-22.

Who won the Monday Night Football game? ›

The Dallas Cowboys dominated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 31 to 14, in the 2022 NFC Wild Card game on January 16.

Who won wild card games today? ›

AFC Wild Card: Ravens 30, Steelers 17.

How many perfect teams are in the NFL? ›

Since the National Football League began in 1920, only one team has played a perfect season (both regular season and playoffs): the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who won all fourteen of their regular season games and three postseason games, including Super Bowl VII, to finish the season 17–0–0.

What does Z mean in NFL standings? ›

x : Clinched Playoff. y : Clinched Wild Card. z : Clinched Division. * : Clinched Division and Homefield Advantage.

Who won the Thursday Night Football game and what was the score? ›

THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Raiders score on final play for 31-30 win over Chiefs - NBC Sports RSN.

Who is going to the Super Bowl 2023? ›

After a hard-fought regular season, the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs have punched their tickets to Super Bowl 2023 taking place Sunday, February 12 at 6:30 PM ET at State Farm Stadium–home of the Arizona Cardinals–in Glendale, Arizona.

Who is going to the Super Bowl? ›

Super Bowl LVII is set. The final game of the 2022-23 season will be played between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs after both teams won their respective conference title games on Jan. 29.

Who has the best quarterback record on Monday Night Football? ›

Tom Brady and Dan Marino are tied for the most career wins by a quarterback on Mondays, with 20 wins.

Did Kansas City win the Monday Night Football game? ›

The Chiefs fought back from an early 17-point deficit to win a thriller on Monday night. The Kansas City Chiefs overcame an early 17-point deficit on Monday night to defeat the Las Vegas Raiders, 30-29, behind a furious comeback and a four-touchdown performance by tight end Travis Kelce.

Did Dallas win last night football? ›

Cowboys Game Night: Dallas Wins In Dramatic Fashion.

How many wild card teams will be in the playoffs this year? ›

Three wild cards per league (2022–present)

A best-of-three series will take place, with the higher seed hosting all three games. Due to the expansion of the postseason beginning in 2022, the regular season tie-breaker game format has been eliminated.

Who is the winningest wild card team? ›

The New York Yankees have the most appearances with five. The Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays have the most wins during the Wild Card round with three each. The Oakland Athletics have the most losses during the Wild Card round, having lost three of their four appearances.

Has a wild card team ever won? ›

Tampa Bay was the seventh wild card team to win the Super Bowl. The first team to achieve the feat was the 1980 Oakland Raiders, who took down the Eagles 27-10 in Super Bowl 15 as a No. 4 seed.

Has any team went undefeated and won the Super Bowl? ›

With a rich history that includes two Super Bowl championships (1973–74) and five conference titles, the Dolphins are the only team in NFL history to finish an entire season undefeated; their 1972 season ended without a loss and culminated in a victory in Super Bowl VII.

What is the best NFL record ever? ›

Who has the most wins in an NFL regular season? The 2007 New England Patriots have the record for most wins in an NFL season with 16 wins. They finished the regular season with a 16-0 record.

Who has the best NFL record in history? ›

The Dallas Cowboys have the highest all-time winning percentage during the regular season of the National Football League.

What does B mean in NFL? ›

B. back. Any position not typically aligned on the line of scrimmage (exception: defensive linemen are off the line in Canadian rules, but are not backs). Offensively: running back, tailback, quarterback, halfback, flankerback, fullback, and wingback.

What does 53 mean in NFL? ›

The 53-man roster refers to the maximum number of players that an NFL team can keep on its roster during the regular season.

What does FF mean in football stats? ›

FF - Forced fumbles. BK - Blocked kicks both punts and field goal attempts. INT - Passes Intercepted.

Did the Buccaneers win Thursday night? ›

How Ravens beat Bucs on Thursday Night Football: Lamar Jackson throws 2 TDs; Tampa Bay, Tom Brady lose 3rd straight. The Ravens kicked off Week 8 of the NFL season with a 27-22 win over the Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football.

What is the NFL home team record on Thursday night? ›

According to the Spreadapedia database, home teams have won at 62.4 percent clip on Thursdays since 2006. This 58-35 mark includes NFL Kickoff and Thanksgiving games. By contrast, on all other days in this same span, home sides have won at a 56.6 percent rate (1,140-873-3).

What was the bad call in the Super Bowl 2023? ›

The call, a holding penalty against Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry on a third-and-8, occurred as Chiefs wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster made his way toward the end zone with 1:54 remaining in the fourth quarter.

What was the bad call in the Super Bowl? ›

With the game tied, 35-35, in Super Bowl 57, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry was called for a defensive holding call that led to the Kansas City Chiefs' game-winning field goal. The penalty happened with 1:54 left on the clock on a third-and-8 play that saw Patrick Mahomes throw an incomplete pass.

What is the final score prediction for the Super Bowl 2023? ›

Super Bowl Implied Score Total Predictions 2023

Average Total Score: 50.2 Points. Average Final Score Spread: Eagles -2.4. Average Spread for Eagles Win: Eagles -5.9. Average Spread for Chiefs Win: Chiefs -5.7.

Who is favored to win the Super Bowl Eagles or Chiefs? ›

The final game of the 2022-23 NFL season is here. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12, 2023. The Eagles opened as slight -130 moneyline betting favorites against the Chiefs, listed at +110.

Are the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl 2023? ›

Kansas City Chiefs defeat Philadelphia Eagles in 2023 Super Bowl : NPR. Kansas City Chiefs defeat Philadelphia Eagles in 2023 Super Bowl Chiefs quarterback and NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to their third Super Bowl victory (and second in four years).

Who is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl? ›

Who sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl? Chris Stapleton | wthr.com.

Who was the best quarterback to ever play? ›

The List: Best Quarterbacks of All Time, According to Expert Reviews
  • Tom Brady (Patriots, Buccaneers) There is only one name that can top the list of best quarterbacks of all time and that's Tom Brady. ...
  • Joe Montana (49ers, Chiefs) ...
  • Peyton Manning (Colts, Broncos) ...
  • Johnny Unitas (Colts, Chargers) ...
  • John Elway (Broncos)
Jan 29, 2023

What is the longest winning streak in Monday Night Football history? ›

The longest “Monday Night Football” winning streak by any starting quarterback is owned by Kenny Stabler, who won 11 straight from 1975-80.

Who is the all time leading quarterback? ›

Tom Brady is the all-time leader in wins at quarterback.

Is there a female player on the Kansas City Chiefs? ›

KANSAS CITY, MO- The KC Chiefs, in need for an explosive WR, signed Jackie Chamoun to a one year contact today, making her the first female NFL player ever.

What did the Kansas City Chiefs change their name to? ›

Can the Chiefs get a first-round bye? ›

Chiefs First-Round Bye

At 14-3, the Chiefs secured a first-round bye.

Who is favored to win Cowboys vs 49ers? ›

San Francisco is a 4-point favorite in the latest 49ers vs. Cowboys odds from Caesars Sportsbook while the over/under for total points scored is 47.

Did Steelers win last nite? ›

HIGHLIGHTS: Steelers win 31-14.

What was the score to the Cowboys game last night? ›

FINAL: Jaguars 40, Cowboys 34 in OT.

How many wild card teams are left in the playoffs? ›

The playoff format now includes four division winners and two wild-card teams from each conference.

What teams clinched the playoffs in the NFL? ›

In Week 14, the Philadelphia Eagles became the first team to clinch a spot in the postseason. They were joined in Week 15 by the San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys.

What NFL teams are eliminated from the playoffs? ›

Which NFL teams have been eliminated from playoff contention?
  • Houston Texans (3-13-1)
  • Indianapolis Colts (4-12-1)
  • Denver Broncos (5-12)
  • Cleveland Browns (7-10)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (6-11)
  • New York Jets (7-10)
  • Tennessee Titans (7-10)
  • New England Patriots (8-9)
Dec 25, 2022

Has there ever been a 100 win wild card team? ›

Must C: Red Sox win WS in 2004

The Cardinals finished in first place with 100 wins, while the Pirates won 98 games, tied for the third-highest total in franchise history, and hosted the NL Wild Card Game for the third straight year.

Who has the most 100 game winning teams in one season? ›

The 1985 Cardinals had the best record in the league, with 101 wins, but the KC Royals, who had the 6th best record, defeated the Cardinals in the World Series. The Detroit Tigers won 103 games in 1984, and they defeated the SD Padres in the World Series. The Padres had the third-best record in the league.

How many teams qualify for the wild card? ›

Currently, a total of 14 teams reach the postseason. the eight winners from each division and six wild card teams (three from each conference). The organizations that win the Wild Card are those with the best win-loss record overall, but failed to win their division title.

Has a wild card team ever had a home game? ›

In 1985, both the New York Giants and Jets hosted wild-card games. As they have shared a home stadium since 1984, the games had to be played on different days.

Who is the only wild card team to win the Super Bowl? ›

1. 1980 Oakland Raiders. In the 1980 NFL Season, the Oakland Raiders were the first team in the NFL to make a Wild Card team and win a Super Bowl.

Which team has lost the most Super Bowls? ›

The Patriots and Broncos are tied for the most Super Bowl losses (five). The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars are the four teams to have never appeared in a Super Bowl, although the Browns and Lions both won NFL Championships before the Super Bowl era.

Who will be in Super Bowl 2023? ›

The NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles and AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs will meet in Super Bowl LVII and it will take place on Feb. 12 -- the second Sunday of the month. The game will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona (the stadium will host its third Super Bowl and first since 2015).

Who has best record in NFL? ›

The Dallas Cowboys hold the highest regular season win–loss percentage (. 574), with a 550–408–6 record through the end of the 2022 season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers maintain the lowest regular season win–loss percentage (. 404), holding a 299–442–1 record through 2022.

Who has the best record in the NFL this year? ›

NFL Standings in 2022/2023 Season
1San Francisco 49ers13-0-4 (17)
2Seattle Seahawks9-0-8 (17)
3Los Angeles Rams5-0-12 (17)
4Arizona Cardinals4-0-13 (17)
36 more rows

What NFL team has the most wins? ›

At the start of the 2023 National Football League (NFL) season, the Green Bay Packers had won the most regular-season games in the history of the competition. The Packers have made five Super Bowl appearances and were crowned champions four times in total.

Who is favored to win the Super Bowl? ›

As you may expect, the Kansas City Chiefs, fresh off their Super Bowl LVII victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, own the best odds to win it all again at +600.

Who is expected to win the Super Bowl? ›

Who Is Favored To Win The 2023-2024 Super Bowl
Kansas City Chiefs+650
Philadelphia Eagles+800
Buffalo Bills+950
Cincinnati Bengals+950
29 more rows
May 4, 2023

Who's better Brady or Manning? ›

Brady has won seven Super Bowl championships in his career (as well as five Super Bowl MVPs), while Manning won two Super Bowl championships (and one Super Bowl MVP) in his career. Contrarily, Manning would go on to win five MVP awards in his 18-year career, while Brady would win three in his 22-year career.

Who is the most accurate quarterback in NFL history? ›

Joe Burrow has the best career completion percentage by a quarterback, at 68.2 percent.

Who is the number 1 team in the NFL overall? ›

The top remains the same, with the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 1 and the Philadelphia Eagles in the second spot. The Chiefs will have to navigate a brutal AFC to get back to the Super Bowl and have a chance to repeat. With Patrick Mahomes still healthy and capable of carrying this team, they have to remain the top team.

Who has the best offense in the NFL 2023? ›

Here is the rundown of my top 10 offenses, based on updated win-share projections:
  • Kansas City Chiefs. PROJECTED WIN SHARE: 8.7. ...
  • Philadelphia Eagles. PROJECTED WIN SHARE: 8.5. ...
  • Buffalo Bills. PROJECTED WIN SHARE: 8.2. ...
  • Cincinnati Bengals. ...
  • Dallas Cowboys. ...
  • San Francisco 49ers. ...
  • Seattle Seahawks. ...
  • Baltimore Ravens.
May 18, 2023

Is anyone undefeated in the NFL this year? ›

UPDATE: After falling 32-21 to the Washington Commanders in Week 10, the Philadelphia Eagles picked up their first loss of the season. No more teams remain undefeated in the 2022 NFL season. For full coverage and game analysis, visit ProFootballTalk.

Who was the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl? ›

Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl ring, a feat he accomplished two different times. At 43, he shattered that record and potentially put it out of reach for anyone else when he beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.

What is the oldest NFL team? ›

The Chicago Cardinals founded in 1898 (joined the NFL in 1920), now the Arizona Cardinals) is the oldest NFL franchise. League membership gradually stabilized throughout the 1920s and 1930s as the league adopted progressively more formal organization. The first official championship game was held in 1933.

What team has the most Super Bowl rings? ›

The New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl a record six times, most recently Super Bowl LIII in February 2019. Joining them at the top of this list is the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose most recent of their six titles came in 2009.


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