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List of keyboard shortcuts you can use to work faster in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic. Keys for working with panels Keys for navigating modules Keys for working in the Book module Keys for changing views and screen modes Keys for using a secondary window Note:

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Default keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom Desktop Last updated on May 23, 2023 Use keyboard shortcuts to become more productive while using Lightroom Desktop. Note: Press Command + F (for macOS) and Ctrl + F (for Windows) to search for the desired keyboard shortcut. Popular shortcuts Other common shortcuts Panel shortcuts Brush shortcuts

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This Lightroom keyboard shortcut instantly zooms the image to 100% of its standard size, which is usually much larger than your monitor. If you want to learn how to zoom in Lightroom, this simple control is almost everything you genuinely need to know.

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The keyboard shortcut to zoom in is CTRL and the + key (PC) or CMD and the + key (Mac). To zoom out simply use the CTRL/CMD and the - key. If your first zoom doesn't get you to the magnification you desire, just do it again; it will zoom in closer each time you press the + symbol. The converse is true as well.

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Like anything in Lightroom, keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to make things happen. So here are the shortcuts you need to know to be a zoom ninja. Quick Zoom (when the magnifying glass is visible) = Click Image Quick Zoom (when the magnifying glass is not visible) = Hold SPACE and Click Image Zoom In = CTL/CMD and + Zoom Out = CTL/CMD and -

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To zoom out, it's CMD - (Mac) or CTRL - (PC). One option isn't available, and it's a behavior you might be used to from other apps like Photoshop, and that is using a mouse's scroll wheel, touch pad, or a vertical swipe on an Apple Magic Mouse. In some apps, that commands an incremenetal zoom.

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If you need to zoom in or zoom out, use the Ctrl+=/Cmd+= shortcut. It allows you to zoom by 25% quickly. By using it repeatedly, you can significantly enlarge your image or make it smaller. When zooming out, use the Ctrl+-/Cmd+- combination, which will reduce the image size by 25%. 5. Undo/Redo Action

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1) Zoom in and out. This shortcut is pretty straightforward, but it's a useful one as many people find zooming in Lightroom a challenge. The keyboard shortcut to zoom is Command = (easier to think of it as plus for zoom) on a Mac, and Control = on a PC. To zoom out again it's Command - (minus) on a Mac and Control - on a PC.

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To quickly zoom in and out in Lightroom, use the keyboard shortcuts Command + = (Mac) or Control + = (Win) to zoom in, and Command + - (Mac) or Control + - (Win) to zoom out. Alternatively, you can zoom to a specific percentage more easily with the Navigator Panel in the Develop Module.

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ADOBE LIGHTROOM KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (OCTOBER 2022 RELEASE) Windows Mac iOS Android Installing & Opening Lightroom Help F1 F1 Full Screen Window F11 fn F Quit Lightroom Ctrl Q Cmd Q. Zoom In Ctrl = Cmd = Zoom Out Ctrl - Cmd - Box Zoom Hold Ctrl and draw marquee on photo Hold Cmd and draw

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To zoom in quickly and easily, you can use this handy keyboard shortcut: CTRL and + key (PC) or CMD and + key (Mac) . To zoom out, use the CTRL/CMD and the - keys . If your first zoom doesn't get you to the magnification you desire, do it again; it will zoom in closer each time.

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By James Miller Last Update : October 29, 2022 To work quickly and accurately in Lightroom Classic you must be able to efficiently navigate your image. Sometimes you need to see the full image. Other times viewing the fine details is crucial. Speedy navigation from one view to the next is a real time saver.

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Handy Lightroom Zoom Shortcuts 1. Quick Zoom in Lightroom The fastest way to zoom is to simply click on the image at the spot you want to zoom to. When you have an image open in either the Library or Develop module, you'll notice that your cursor is automatically a magnifying glass with a plus sign.

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Zoom View - Toggle. Metadata and Keywords Shortcuts. Ctrl/Cmd + K. Add Keywords. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + K. Edit Keywords.. However, as you learn Lightroom's shortcuts, you'll see how everything integrates together. From that point on, you can explore more of Lightroom's many benefits. For instance, try these free Lightroom presets for any occasion.

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This guide will give you a brief overview of the various ways you can zoom in lightroom, including using the zoom slider, keyboard shortcuts, or the loupe view. By the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of how to zoom in lightroom and how it can help you enhance your photo editing skills. Table of Contents

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Shortcut: G. Allows you to view a thumbnail contact sheet of all images in a folder and make adjustments to multiple images using the Quick Develop panel. 6. Zoom. Shortcut: Z. Zoom in on images. Hold the spacebar down to move around while zoomed in and Z again to zoom out. 7. Clipping Mask. Shortcut: J