GitHub Aycarambo/ReactfrenchWordle A french version of the famous WORDLE game.

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Le Mot - Wordle!! En Français - Play Le Mot On Word Games L E M O T Le Mot Wordle!! French version Contexto A Wordle!! Brazilian game 4 Quordle Daily Sequence Harder version of Quordle 5 Pokedoku Pokedoku is one of the popular games on the Pokemon theme. 4 Taylor Swift 2048

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Come knit with me and learn French at the same time!Wordle in French:

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Comment jouer à Wordle. 1. La tâche du jeu est de deviner le mot caché. Vous devez d'abord entrer dans la première ligne un mot composé du nombre de lettres sélectionné. Veuillez noter qu'il doit s'agir d'un vrai mot. 2. Après avoir saisi le mot, appuyez sur le bouton Entrée du clavier virtuel.

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Wordle Français illimité. Devinez le mot masqué en 6 essais. Chaque proposition doit être un mot valide de 5 lettres, vous ne pouvez pas entrer des mots qui n'ont aucun sens ou des lettres au hasard. Appuyez sur le bouton "Entrée" pour soumettre votre réponse. Après votre soumission, la couleur des tuiles (fond) changera tel que dans les.

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This version of Wordle in French, called Le Mot, is a helpful way to test your French vocabulary. If you're extra lucky and speak more than one language, this second version lets you play two traditional Wordle games in one day. How to play. Le Mot is the same idea as Wordle, but it is in French. Every day, a word with five letters is picked at.

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The answer to today's Wordle puzzle, #272, is SAUTE, as in the French term for quickly frying food in fat (or a ballet move where you jump with both feet and land in the same position). In.

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Wordle Français apporte le jeu de mots populaire à la communauté francophone. Ce jeu offre un excellent entraînement cérébral, mettant à l'épreuve votre vocabulaire et vos compétences en déduction. Comment jouer. Comme Wordle, Wordle Français consiste à deviner des mots. Vous avez six tentatives pour deviner chaque mot.

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n Guess the WORDLE in 6 tries. Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word. Hit the enter button to submit. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word. Examples w The letter W is in the word and in the correct spot. w The letter W is in the word but in the wrong spot. w

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Zutom : The best French Wordle. Finally, our last alternative is a bit special. Zutom was developed by the teams of streamer Adrien Nougaret, better known as ZeratoR.This version was used during his multi-gaming competition: the ZLAN 2022.. Here, the letters in the right place are in green, those in the wrong place are in pink, and the letters missing from the word retain their grey colour.

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N Wordle, mais en français. Devinez le mot du jour ! Totalement gratuit, en ligne, et sans pub.

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Sur notre site vous pouvez jouer à Wordle en français. Immédiatement après l'ouverture du site, vous verrez une grille de cellules, dans laquelle il y a 6 rangées de 5 carrés chacune. Ces cellules sont pour les lettres et les mots. Pour jouer au jeu, vous pouvez utiliser votre clavier habituel ou le clavier de l'écran de l'application.

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Le Mot, Wordle's equivalent in French, is a useful tool for developing your French vocabulary. This second version allows you to play two of the original Wordle games in a single day if you're extremely fortunate and are multilingual. How to play. Five-letter words are chosen at random each day. You have six opportunities to understand it.

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A New Way to Use Wordle. August 31, 2013 Samantha Decker. Have you heard of Wordle? It's a great tool that's been around for a few years now that allows users to create word clouds from websites or blocks of text, with more frequent words appearing larger. There have been numerous blog entries since Wordle's creation showing all the ways.

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I Tried Wordle In French! (Le Mot) // Wordle exists in many languages, so if you have a language you're studying, enjoy, or happen to be fluent in, by all me.

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Get 6 chances to guess a 5-letter word.

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A simple word game is the newest social media and pop culture phenomenon: Wordle. The task is to guess a five-letter word. You have six tries.